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Choosing the best office space for your startup

Whether the startup hit a strong growth spurt and you need a new office space or you are looking for your first office space, the choice is difficult to make. What is really important is finding something that will meet the budget that you have and the needs that exist. You will be able to find great office space but you need to be careful and you have to know all the available options. Finding perfect office space for a startup is all about the following facts.
Figure out the space that you need

In most cases you will need around 1,000 square feet for six employees. You will want to think about the layout, of course, but the comfort of the employees is always the priority that does have to be respected. Never squeeze people in tight spaces or productivity is going to be pretty low.

Think about who travels to work

If you have employees that will need to travel to work, the office space has to be convenient for them. The staff will reach the space regularly so a centralised location is normally recommended. When employees find it really easy to get to work, talent will be retained and you can even hire better talent in the future.

Subleasing office space

If revenue is limited, various choices become difficult for the startup, including choosing office space. Subleasing the first office space is normally recommended. A short term sublease contract is normally negotiated on a per month basis. Rarely, you can even go for a week to week deal. If you cannot find something suitable, at least consider the yearly sublease deal.

Carefully choose your agent

It is quite obvious that you should never work with those agents that did not found office space successfully in the past. Just as you look for a new home, you want to be sure that you receive help from someone that has a lot of experience. Personal recommendations normally help out a lot but you can also use the internet to get references.

Co-working spaces

These are relatively new on the market. The premise was to offer online companies a way to work as they were engaging social media users. We had companies that set up co-working spaces when regular office space was not needed. The big advantage in this case is that rent will be really low. At the same time, networking is going to be a lot simpler to do, especially when dealing with similar startups that work in the same industry.

Always negotiate with the landlord

The landlord is really important for your startup and unfortunately, in many cases startup owners do not rent directly from the landlord. Make sure that you arrange a meeting with the individual so that you do not end up renting from one that is simply awful. That can easily destroy your entire business. You want to be able to negotiate rent whenever necessary and any problem that may appear should be taken care of in a proper way with a good collaboration with the landlord.

17 Aug 2016 14:43


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Stephen Giderson
Stephen Giderson
I actually think that choosing a new office when you're a start-up can be a terribly bad idea. These days with all the options for co-working space so that you can save on your overheads like rental and storage, you should try to leverage on these until you are absolutely sure that you can afford a permanent office to house your employees. If you don't even have that many people working for you at the moment, there are plenty of other solutions...
Posted on 14 Jul 2018 05:26