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The main SEO mistakes that business owners have to stop making

One of the biggest problems with small businesses is that there are few people that need to do many different tasks. In order to succeed it is vital that the business uses proper SEO campaigns. This only makes the entire process much more complicated since it is something else that the owners need to learn. Since we see so many different companies struggling, let us mention some of the main mistakes that have to stop right now. It is understandable that the company cannot afford the use of professional SEO services but this does not mean that low quality work is justified.
Not having a blog

In an attempt to increase online exposure, most small businesses simply create a business website. They do all the SEO work that they can perform alone but they completely neglect the importance of a blog. Nowadays a blog is incredibly important to the evolution of any online business. It can be used in order to educate customers, promote new campaigns and so much more. If there is one thing that is sure about the future of SEO it is that content marketing is what will be necessary. You cannot market content if you do not have it and the blog is the perfect medium to take advantage of how search engines rank sites these days.

Not using social media

Modern SEO simply cannot be done without taking social media into account. The benefits that are associated with social media marketing are huge and should never be dismissed. The companies that do not use social media and simply rely on the website will have it a lot tougher to make the profits that they could. The reason for this is pretty simple. Most people today use Google and social networks to get information about a company and its products. If you do not have a strong social media presence, your rankings are going to be lower since Google now sees social media as a part of search engine optimisation.

No on-site SEO optimisation

Using CMS systems like WordPress makes creating a website incredibly simple. We then have SEO plugins that will improve rankings but if you do not walk the extra mile and do not modify various on-site ranking factors you are going to have lower rankings. The idea is that most people forget or do not realize how important on-site SEO is. They will only try to get backlinks. This is, of course, vital but without a good on-site structure and without the proper use of meta tags you will miss out on a lot of traffic.

Not hiring professionals

The last thing that we should say is that you want to hire a professional SEO specialist as soon as you can. It is good to start and save money by doing the work alone but eventually, in order to be competitive in the market, you will have to work with a company that knows exactly what to do to take your online exposure to the next level.

22 Jul 2016 11:20


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Boris Dzhingarov graduated UNWE with a major in marketing. He is the CEO of ESBO ltd brand mentioning agency. He writes for several online sites such as,,, Boris is the founder of and

Erez Atia
Erez Atia
What about not having enough high DA backlinks? :-)
Posted on 25 Jul 2016 12:28