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Finding the best web hosting for your company

For people just starting their own website or internet business, there are lots of new decisions to be made for the first time. Many of these decisions will be technical, calling on people to learn about things they'd never otherwise think about. One such example is web hosting. The average person on the street doesn't even really know what web hosting does. But to make the most out of your website or business, you've got to learn the ropes of this varied industry. Fortunately, it's not actually that hard to understand. Here are some things to look for in a great web host.
  1. Space. Your website isn’t a physical structure like an office building, but it needs “space” all the same. Web hosting offers customers of all types a variety of space options, including shared hosting, VPS, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers. There are important details to understand about each, but generally these go from the simplest and smallest (shared) to biggest and most feature-rich (dedicated servers). It’s important to pick hosting that’s big enough, without being too big, that can provide more space if you want to grow later on.

  2. Tech support and uptime. These two factors are all about dependability. Uptime is the time you can expect your site to be available to users on the internet. There’s nothing worse than getting complaints from users, or checking your site yourself only to find that it’s down. Choosing the right hosting means looking for a host with well more than 99% uptime. This is now industry standard. It also means looking for a service with great 24/7 customer service. It’s a terrible thing to need help with a technical problem, only to not be able to reach people from your hosting company who can help you.

  3. Supported add-ons and apps. You may already use important applications or CMS programs like Wordpress. It’s a rare hosting source that doesn’t support Wordpress these days, but you’ll definitely want to make sure your host supports the tools you’re accustomed to using, as well as any future apps you may depend upon in the future.

  4. Price. Consider all of these factors in light of what they’ll cost you. It’s important to recognise different cost scales as well, the change in the price you’ll pay depending on how much more service you demand in the future. Don’t underestimate this. While most sites and web businesses don’t outgrow their initial hosting needs, some definitely do. If you anticipate the need for future growth, don’t sign up for a service that would be too expensive were you to ask for more features down the road.
There are other factors to consider with hosting, and you can research these to your heart’s content. These are the easiest features to understand when it comes to web hosting. Get this stuff right and you’ll have a website that runs well and can accommodate future changes. Take the time to understand your hosting. It’ll save you a lot of headaches down the road.

23 Jun 2016 14:27


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