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Key topics to include in new hire orientation - the CEO of Choices Recovery gives some advice

Every successful business will most undoubtedly have a Human Resources department that is at the very core of its operations. From recruiting top talent to new hire orientation to payroll and annual employee assessments, HR has its hand in literally every area that involves personnel. They are after all human resources.
Unfortunately, altogether too many employers don’t have an inclusive new hire orientation packet that details everything a new employee needs to know when coming on board with the company. If you are in the same boat, it’s time you developed a New Hire Orientation handout packet that details the company’s mission statement, their operating procedures, company policy and so much more. Here is some advice from the CEO of Choices Recovery, Per Wickstrom.

Think of your new hire orientation as an ‘About Us’ page

Oddly, only a few years ago About Us pages on websites were set up in much the same way as a new hire orientation would be handled. It must be a sign of the times where now new hire orientations are modelled after some of the best About Us pages from corporations around the web. Each new employee should have a sufficient orientation experience including information on the history of the company, the products or services they offer along with company policy, a company code of conduct and information about benefits packages that may be offered as a perk to working with that organisation.

Employee health packages

Since the onset of Obamacare, companies of certain sizes are required to offer health insurance to their employees. Many of the highest performing corporations also offer on-site mental and physical health services. Some of the nation’s largest companies employ a full-time nursing staff where others name key personnel in HR to be a liaison between an employee and a medical care provider. This should all be detailed in a new hire packet but many companies even go a step beyond this in terms of services for their staff.

HR counseling and mentoring services

Many of the leading firms throughout the United States have a mentoring and/or HR counseling service for their employees. Per Wickstrom, CEO of Choices Recovery, advises that substance abuse be a top priority for these counselling teams. Statistically, stress is one of the key triggers for addiction to barbiturates and this is a growing problem within the blue collar segment of the population. He suggests that if your company has a nurse on staff, that person should be educated in the warning signs and treatment of drug and/or alcohol abuse. At least one person on your HR team should be informed on the treatment of substance abuse and the new hire orientation package should outline the company’s No Tolerance policy. However, for those seeking help with a problem (new or recurring) termination is not always the best course of action. With such a widespread problem, it is far more beneficial to the company to keep top performers by helping them get the help they need to become (and stay) clean and sober.

Words from Per Wickstrom, CEO of Choices Recovery

As the CEO of a flourishing drug rehab center, Per Wickstrom is in high demand by corporations large and small around the country. He has spoken at staff development meetings for HR departments and has helped many companies work through substance abuse issues in order to help their employees live a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Per Wickstrom notes that “a company that cares about its people is a company that will continue growing and by offering help in this area, you can expect to keep key team members on the job while gaining the respect of your entire staff as an employer who genuinely cares.”

Your new hire orientation packet is the first step in offering this assistance so don’t forget to include these services in the information you hand out. Down the line it could be the difference between keeping top performing staff and losing them to the dark world of drugs.

15 Jun 2016 15:04


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