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Tips for writing a successful hotel marketing email

Email marketing is a solid strategy in today's electronic world; however, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. To be successful, you must consider the unique communication style of an email, and how to deliver effective content in a short message.
Pick your audience

Rather than using the shotgun method and sending emails to every customer who has ever crossed your threshold, it’s better to concentrate on those who are actively interested in your messages. Ask your customers if they would like to be on your marketing distro or if they would like to sign up for email notifications. This can be done via your website, using placards in your hotel rooms, or as an opt-in checkbox on any official emails regarding bookings and payment that you send.

The subject line must be a hook

Anytime someone receives an email, this is what he or she looks at first, especially if the sender is a commercial source. The subject header should be the encapsulation of your message; your entire email should be summarized in this line. This may sound daunting, but with practice you will find that this is not only easy, if you know what your message truly is, but is also the best way to ensure that your message is read and receives a response. The subject should not be more than 50 characters long, and should be written in clear, unambiguous language.

Have a conversation

Everyone adjusts tone and word choice when having a verbal conversation depending on to whom they are talking; email is the same. Put a touch of the personal into your missive by visualizing your typical customer. Write as though you were having a conversation, and keep it a bit informal and personable. You don’t need to follow grammar and punctuation rules to the letter. Studies have shown that the best emails are written in an overly simplistic style with short words and sentences. It’s also a good idea to put emotional words into your message. It actually doesn’t matter if the words evoke positive or negative emotions, as both are just as effective, but dry analytical text gets the lowest response rate.

Make a call to action

Create a sense of urgency by mentioning limited resource, or a short period to take advantage of a discount or promotion. This will encourage potential customers to act as soon as the email is read; otherwise, even if you have crafted a good email and the majority of the target audience read it, they may promptly forget about it as it sits in inbox limbo.

Social networks are getting most of the attention these days from marketers, but don’t overlook the lasting value of a hotel email marketing campaign. Email remains a highly effective medium, and can be easier to design and implement than many of the typical social media marketing campaigns.

6 Jun 2016 14:56


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