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Know your foods: Best fat-burning foods to eat on diet

When it comes to losing weight, many people are completely lost. They follow strict fad diets in hopes that they'll drop the extra pounds in time for swimsuit season. If you really want to lose weight, you need to learn how different foods work in your body. Here are some great low-calorie, natural, fat-burning foods.
Sweet potatoes

White potatoes are filled with starch. If you want to eat a baked potato, French fries, or mashed potatoes, try your white potato’s healthier counterpart: the sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are low-calorie and filling, so you can stay satisfied throughout the day, between meals. A dash of butter and coconut sugar makes these spuds even more delicious.


Apples are one of Mother Nature’s best products. If you’re craving sweets, biting into a juicy apple is a great way to curb the cravings. The natural sugar is the perfect way to get your daily dose of carbs for energy. It’s also high in fibre but low in sodium, fat, and calories. It’s the perfect snack to grab on the go.


Bananas are high in potassium and low in calories. They are also one of the most filling fruits that you can eat, so just one banana can fill you up between meals. They’re extremely versatile, making them great for many different types of meals and snacks. For example, you can make three ingredient pancakes with bananas, eggs and cinnamon. Just mix a banana with an egg, and stir in a dash of cinnamon. Fry them up like regular pancakes and throw a little natural maple syrup, peanut butter, or almond butter on it.


Mushrooms are delicious, and they can help you lose weight. They have almost no calories and a high vitamin content. The best part is, you can put them on just about anything. You can fry mushrooms in coconut oil and pile them on top of your steak or chicken. You can throw raw mushrooms in a salad, or you can even stuff mushroom caps with cream cheese or goat cheese and throw them in the oven.


Cantaloupe is one of the best fruits you can eat for weight loss. This is because they’re so low in calories, you burn more calories eating it than what the melon even contains. It’s probably the sweetest fruit you can eat with such low calories. Have a side of cantaloupe with your meals instead of fries or chips. Eat a large chunk of cantaloupe for breakfast or in between meals, too.


Mayo is relatively low-calorie compared to other choices, and it also doesn’t have any carbs, making it a great addition to low-carb meals. The main issue is that it’s full of eggs, which can lead to high cholesterol if you eat a lot of mayonnaise. The calories can also seriously add up if you’re heaping it into dishes. Natural mayo is a great way to add some moisture to your bread and make delicious meals. If you’ve heard about Hampton Creek, you know that “Just Mayo” is a vegan mayonnaise made with all natural ingredients, and it’s probably the smartest option for you when it comes to losing weight.


Avocados were avoided by dieters for years because they’re high in fat. However, now avocados are constantly recommended, and restaurants are sticking guacamole on just about everything they serve. People finally realised that fat doesn’t make you fat. Natural fats are a great way to give your body energy after you’ve cut back on complex carbs.

Peanut butter

There is a lot of controversy about whether or not peanut butter is very healthy. The issue isn’t the peanuts, the issue is the hydrogenated oils inside the peanut butter. Hydrogenated oils are oils that are heated to several thousand degrees and then filled with different metals to give them a creamier texture. These oils are only one molecule away from plastic, and they increase the risk of heart problems. Peanut butter in its most natural form is very healthy and full of healthy fats.


Salmon is pretty much a weight loss superfood. It has low saturated fats and is high in Omega-3 fatty acids. It will boost your immune system, help you burn fat, and satisfy for hours without a high-calorie content. If you swap out red meats for salmon a couple of times per week, you can watch the inches fall off your waist.

It’s important to learn how foods work in your body instead of just blindly following diet programs. You’ll be able to make healthy choices without trying to flip through a guidebook that someone else wrote. Dictate your own healthy diet and make healthy choices.

18 May 2016 14:25


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