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Six Android apps that are awesome for small business users

Running a small business is definitely hard. You need to do so many things and every single extra help counts. You want to focus on all the time-gaining tools that are available. Since you most likely already have a smartphone, why not take advantage of all that it offers? You surely already read AndroidHeadlines and are interested in every single thing that appears for the phone. Instead of focusing only on some parts of the news, let's think about apps that are particularly useful for a small business user. All of the ones below can be considered in most industries.
Microsoft Office – tablet version – free app

If you use a tablet or you have a smartphone with a larger screen, you can easily opt for the Office Mobile apps from Microsoft. This is a great option but we now see an even better one in the Office For Android tablets apps. The suit includes Excel, PowerPoint and Word. All of these are similar to what you would normally have on a desktop PC so you are surely used to them. Obviously, the applications are fully optimised for use with touch devices.

The alternative, if you are not comfortable with Office, is to use Google Docs, Slides and Sheets. These are also free and can be useful, especially when combined with the following.

Google Drive – free

Google Drive is wonderful for scalable development, which is normally a necessity for most small business owners. This is actually a suite of apps. You can download only those that your company uses. The Sheets spreadsheet editor is the one that is most often used but Docs is also really good in many cases. One of the best things about using Google Drive apps is the fact that you can work in real time with many different users, allowing complete flexibility. Also, you have access to cloud storage space, which can always be useful.

Microsoft Remote Desktop – free

There are moments when you need access to your main business computer/laptop. This is where Microsoft Remote Desktop can offer a great helping hand. A secondary advantage is that you can actually use this app in order to use all Windows programs that you have on your computer while using an Android based device. As an example, you can update the expenses Excel sheet on your desktop while you travel as you have to add some business expenses.

QuickBooks – free when buying QuickBooks desktop subscriptions

A subscription is $12.95 so you want to consider this fact. QuickBooks for Android offers accounting tools that are really good and that can help the small business owner to manage and track finances. You would want to use the application in the event that you want to track sales and similar expenses. The reason why the Android app is recommended is that it is highly effective at getting the job done right.

Expense Manager – free

At a first look, Expense Manager is an app that aims to help individuals deal with personal finances. However, a small business is really similar in expenses with what you would have when you look at your personal finances. Because of this, the app can be used by the small business owner. Use the application in order to track, record and categorize the expenses. We particularly like the interface since it is really easy-to-use. You do not need much accounting knowledge to take advantage of the app.

Skype – free

Everyone knows Skype and it is a shame to notice that small business users do not consider it. We are faced with the most solid of all the video conferencing apps you could use. The huge advantage associated is that you can save a lot of money associated with organising meetings with clients, employees or business partners. Video calls can be made straight from an Android device by using the device’s front camera. Alternatively, Skype can be used to make phone calls through VoIP, which will automatically reduce business operation costs.

16 May 2016 14:01


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