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Three essential components every business website should have

In today's digital age, it's more important than ever for each and every business to have a website. Even the smallest of local businesses can benefit from their own website, with more and more people using the internet to look up businesses of all sizes and find the products and services which they require. However, with the world of online business becoming increasingly more competitive, it's no longer good enough to just have any old basic website for your company. In order to gain the edge over the competition and build a good online presence, there are some essential components which every business website should include. Read on to discover more.

You may or may not have heard about the change to Google’s algorithm labelled ‘Mobilegeddon’, which was rolled out around a year ago. This change meant that websites which were not mobile-friendly were no longer looked upon favourably by Google, leading to them dropping in Google’s SERPs. On the other hand, mobile-friendly websites were favoured by Google, heading further up the rankings. The reason for these changes is that more and more people are using their mobile devices to browse and shop online, ditching traditional PC computers and laptops for smartphones and iPads. Having a mobile-friendly website not only enhances the customer experience, it also keeps you in Google’s good books. Thankfully, almost every website builder is now mobile-friendly by default.

Answers to questions

Your business website should provide your customers with answers to their most commonly asked questions. This could include a whole range of things, such as where you are located, the kind of products you sell, and detailed information about delivery options, returns and refunds. Providing your customers with information such as this on your business website means that they won’t need to call up to ask a question – they can simply visit your site and find out with a couple of clicks. In today’s digital-powered world where everything is expected to be available instantly online, providing your customers with necessary information via your business website is absolutely necessary for your success.

Fast loading time

If you’ve ever visited a website and it’s taken ages to load up, you’ll know just how irritating it can be. Thanks to the evolution of the web, people are now used to instantly loading websites and nothing less is acceptable when it comes to your business website. Not only are websites that are slow to load disapproved by Google, they’re also risky for your business as customers could well simply close your site and visit a competitor instead rather than waiting for your webpages to load. Google offers a handy website-loading speed checker, which you can use to ensure that your customers are not waiting any longer than a second or two to fully load your site up. A simple, no-frills website design is often the best way to achieve a quick-loading site.

Which of these components does your website have? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

4 May 2016 15:33


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