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Important factors to consider before outsourcing

Outsourcing can save you time, effort and money. However, as with any business relationship, you have to have your wits about you. There are hundreds of honest, reliable, outsourcing companies and individuals who won't let you down, but there are also some external service providers who are not as professional. Below are some of the main factors you should consider before outsourcing.
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Payment arrangements

Sometimes when you hire an outsourcing provider, you may be taking a leap of faith and hoping things work out for the best. This is often the case if you need extra help at short notice or during busy times of the year, when business service outsourcing, technical skills outsourcing or general services are required.

Make sure you agree the payment terms before hiring any outsourcer. Some may ask for money up front, which is often a warning sign unless you have a contract or escrow system in place. In all other cases, only pay your outsourcing providers when they actually finish work assigned to them. Once you have built up a relationship with the company or individual, you may be able to trust them more and make part payments before work is completed.


When you hire external staff, it’s wise not to allow them to work on projects or systems that contain confidential information. In some instances, it may be impossible to avoid this. If this happens, you should ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement or similar document, to prevent them from sharing sensitive business information. It’s often difficult to enforce these agreements, so you should focus on hiring people and companies you can trust.

Quality of work

The whole idea of outsourcing is to make your business more efficient and save money. This is why it’s important to hire reliable, professional outsourcers who know what they are doing. Before you hire anyone from outside your company, ask each outsourcer for references, testimonials and qualifications. All of this information should be readily available. If it’s not available, you should look elsewhere for help.

Team or individual

When it comes to outsourcing work, some businesses prefer to deal with an outsourced team. Teams usually have the resources available to take on larger projects, as well as being able to provide a wider range of services than an outsourced individual.

However, some businesses hire individuals too, because they know they will get a more personal, high quality service from someone who works for themselves. To find the best fit, it’s a good idea to test some teams and individuals, to see which solution suits your requirements.


A large number of business decisions are based on price. This is particularly true when it comes to choosing an outsourcer. However, cheapest isn’t always best. A cheaper outsourcer could cost you more money in the long run, especially if they produce poor quality work or take too long to complete the work assigned to them.

When you outsource work, it’s important to trust the people who will be working for you. By taking into account each of the factors above, you will be able to make a much more informed and better decision, when it comes to hiring your next outsourcer.

29 Apr 2016 14:14


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