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Simple tips to start a tree care company

After working hard as an arborist for a long time, it is possible that you may want to open your very own tree care company. That is because there are many that quickly figure out the huge financial potential that exists in owning such a business. However, the step is a big one and even if you do have a huge experience in working for tree care you can fail. Starting the tree care company is challenging and risky but it is a highly rewarding endeavour.
The tree care company requires proper planning, a really strong work ethic, proper research and so much more. Owning a business is something that is attainable but you do want to think about various different factors before you jump in head first.

The very first step

The first thing that you have to do is to evaluate the arborist market. You need a fully realistic understanding of how competitive the landscape is and figure out if there is a real need. This practically means that you have to identify companies offering similar services like what you are going to offer. In the event that it is possible, try to get some insight from the tree care professionals that are experienced and that operate in a non-competitive market. They can help you identify threatening and unanticipated challenges while giving information about how to recognise real opportunities.

Your business plan

Never start a tree care company without a business plan. This is the worst thing you could do. The most important part of launching the business is the startup phase. Intense analysis, preparation and planning will always be needed. Practical tree care business knowledge is needed and you have to be determined. Focus on the current economic climate, analyse local market trends and then put together a business plan that will be as complex as possible. This is what will help you to make the best possible choices in the future.

It has to be added that most people that want to launch such a business do not have all the necessary funds. They will need to work with a lender. Lenders will not give you the necessary funds in the event that the business plan you present does not prove that profitability is possible.

Out of all the different parts that are needed as successful fundamental components, the business plan is the one that needs to include the competitive analysis that helps you to succeed. Identifying companies that you will be competing with and realising what they do well or what they do wrong will give you that competitive edge you are after. Analysis has to go deep into customer lists, market share, market positioning, trade territory, business years and even possible competitive vulnerabilities. When you understand all these things, you can develop that effective positioning strategy that can differentiate a new company from what already exists on the market.

Be sure that you know everything about the legal parts of running such a business. Also, in your plan you have to also include how you are going to promote everything in the future.

26 Apr 2016 11:11


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