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Unexpected money-making opportunities in the gaming industry

The gaming industry is bringing in billions of dollars in revenue every single month of the year and we all know how much income a good game can bring in. Besides the obvious revenue options that are available when looking at the entire gaming industry, there are also other options that have to be taken into account. This is truly an industry in which a lot of money can be made in ways that are truly unique. Creativity has to be high and when you use the information that you have, you can come up with something really interesting, like the money-making opportunities mentioned below.
Selling saved games

This was really big some time ago and one of the reasons why online jobs grew in the past few years. Although it is no longer an option that is that interesting, you can still sell saved games in some circumstances. The most important thing is being 100% sure that the work that is done is proper in the sense that you sell something that is of a really high value. In some cases even bots can be used.

Selling player accounts

This is highly popular with large free games like League Of Legends or Hearthstone. The idea is that in many situations it takes a lot of time to get to one point in the game. People know that and will offer accounts that already reached a specific level or that have some additions that a new account would not have.

The great thing about selling player accounts is that there are also cases in which online gaming accounts can be sold when the gamer decides not to play anymore. If you can broker such a sale process you can make a huge profit. Buying accounts and then reselling them can be pretty huge.

Running game sites

This is truly a money-making opportunity that few people know much about at the moment. It does require technical knowledge but the potential is huge. As an example, take a look at Minecraft Server Hosting. There are various opportunities available with these servers. In some cases the money is made through donations while in others the money is made through in-game sales that are controlled because of the control that is held over the entire server. With RPG games this is quite common but with practically any online game a monetisation opportunity exists as a server is run.

Running game news websites

When looking at game news sites, the potential is truly huge but the work that is necessary is also going to be pretty high. In most cases money is made through ads that are bought on the site but there are also other opportunities. Basically, a game news site is always going to be visited and can receive a huge profit because of the content that is generated, the ads that are run and the sales that can be generated. After all, with such a website it is even possible to sell video games.

15 Apr 2016 14:20


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