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Keep your stress at bay the easy way

Do you work long hours at a computer desk with little to do in order to handle the stress of your job? Are you the organiser of this year's corporate luncheon and you find yourself in search of a great gift to your employees? This year, offer your employees, friends, or family members a gift they can use in this fast-paced world that never stops. Stress balls not only have a longstanding reputation of effectiveness, but they are also available in an enormous range of styles and designs. For those companies that wish to give their employees this fantastic little stress reliever, there are companies available that can place your company logo on the objects with ease. What is the best part of this gift? Your employees, friend, or loved one will live life with lower stress levels and inevitably work harder and more efficiently.
The emotional benefits of stress balls

The emotional benefits of stress balls are enormous. When you tighten your fist around the pliant object, the muscles in your hand and wrist are also tightened. As you release, the muscles relax, and this action is shown to promote the release of tension and stress within the body. Since stress balls are small and designed to fit easily in the palm of your hand, they are ideal for use at your desk or cubicle after a particularly stressful assignment or client call.

Stress balls in the UK are manufactured with the highest quality of material in order to ensure proper stimulation of the nerves. When a stress ball is used, nerves present in your hands are stimulated. These nerves are directly connected to a particular portion of the brain, the limbic region, which is also associated with your emotions and overall emotional state. The act of squeezing a stress ball is similar to acupressure in that the stimulation of one area positively affects another.

Stress balls also promote productivity in the workplace, as they help remove whatever thoughts have caused the stress to occur. With a relaxed mind and body, an effect similar to meditation can be achieved, and thus your work will flow more easily.

Physical benefits

Stress balls lower the risk of stress-related injuries, as regular use can strengthen the muscles of the fingers and hands. Carpal tunnel is a threat well reduced when muscle tone is increased. In order to increase wrist strength, you must only squeeze and release for a total of twenty times. Finger strength, achieved through pinching the ball between your thumb and each finger one at a time, is also a great benefit. These exercises promote a healthy, stress-free workplace with reduced risk of office work-related injury.

One quick trip online will not only ensure your employees are feeling great within the workplace but also create an opportunity to spread your brand in the form of a clever gift. Your friends or employees will be grateful and your wallet will thank you.

12 Apr 2016 10:17


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