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Four external services that will help your business

As the world is becoming more fast-paced and competitive than ever, it's important that business owners think critically to help their company and brand stand out and reach targets. Whether you're running a start-up or an established business, you can attract more success by taking advantage of time-saving and quality external services. Read on to see four services you can source to boost your company's performance.
1. Recruitment and human resources services

As there is an incredible amount of job-seeking platforms available today, it’s easy for any company to toss a job vacancy into a vast pool (or ocean!) of potential applicants. This, however, can make the recruitment process extremely time-consuming and disappointing – especially if you’re restructuring your company and posting various job openings at once.

The hiring process is often a daunting task, as it must be thorough, professional, and time-effective. If you don’t have a developed hiring team, consider using external HR consulting services, like those available through Chandler Macleod. These services ensure your future employees align with your needs and expectations. On top of this, human resources services can include advice on the organisational design of your business. This is extremely important if you’re changing the structure of your company.

2. Advertising agencies

Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, responsive companies are advertising their brand in new and impacting ways. If you’re looking to attract more clients by spreading awareness of your company, it’s important you understand which platform will drive the best results for you. This is where an external advertising agency can greatly help.

When sourcing the expertise of an advertising firm, you’re tapping into specialised knowledge – something that is extremely helpful if you don’t have a dedicated marketing team within your company. Researchers, artists, media buyers, designers and filmmakers are just some of the typical professionals you’ll have access to when creating a new campaign. By developing brand awareness through innovative marketing collateral, you’ll likely see business and product growth.

3. Accountants

Every business needs financial advice to track its expenses, to plan for ongoing and future expenses, and to safeguard its long-term plans. Avoid the stress during taxation time by taking advantage of an accountant’s planning services, such as the lawful preparation and lodgement of tax returns, fringe benefits tax returns, superannuation compliance, and capital gains tax preparation. On top of this, an accounting firm can fulfil bookkeeping services, prepare annual accounts, and maintain records.

4. Specialist trainers and courses

If your workers need ongoing training or certain certificates to legally and professionally fulfil their roles, seek external companies that offer concise and in-depth courses. From first-aid training to workplace health and safety courses, many companies offer group bookings and competitive industry rates. Some courses can even be completed online, which is extremely helpful for workers with busy and varied timetables.

When it comes to the performance and success of your company, it’s advantageous to use the skills of external professionals. How could your business grow further?

1 Apr 2016 13:48


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