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Wastewater treatment - How important is it for us?

The actions of humans on the environment can be quite devastating. When referring to wastewater there are so many places all around the world where this water is pumped straight into the ocean, streams and rivers. Such an action has a huge negative impact on the environment. It obviously means that marine environments are damaged together with fisheries but this action can also drastically impact the availability of water for our homes. It is possible that global shortages will appear in the future.
Worldwide wastewater disposal problems

According to IDE technologies, improper wastewater disposal is not a problem that is only connected with developing nations like those in South America or Asia. It is also something that has to be assessed in some regions of first world countries.

Most of the wastewater that appears is sewage. Huge sewage disposal problems appear at the moment in various parts of the world. According to the World Bank, Vietnam requires a huge $8.3bn investment by the year 2025 in order to offer the proper and needed disposal services for over 36 million residents in urban areas. As China goes on its current industrialisation path, similar problems exist there.

In Uruguay, a more developed country in South America, it was highlighted that $100m is going to be invested in order to improve current wastewater treatment facilities. Even in Australia we see a partnership done with Jakarta with the purpose of resolving various water management problems that blight Indonesia for years.

Much progress is still needed

Even in the developed countries wastewater treatment improvements are necessary. This is because of the fact that when we have a better treatment process implemented, more wastewater is being reclaimed. Then, it is reused before it will actually get back into the ocean. Many firms in the developed nations simply focus on bare minimums with the purpose of meeting local regulation minimums. Such an approach is incorrect as water is among the most valuable resources we have at the moment. Throwing it away is not a good idea.

Signs of improvement

What is interesting is the fact that shale gas boom made the energy industry in North America stand out as causing water treatment improvements. It was highlighted by Associated Press that complaints appeared about water contamination problems because gas and oil drilling led towards the increase in local pollution.

Oil companies do not seem to care or understand that much about wastewater and fracking. It is important that we have better reporting and increased transparency. The great thing is that this is exactly what is changing at the moment. Companies that do have actions that could impact the environment, including wastewater treatment related, are improving their policies.


On the whole, we can say that the importance of proper wastewater treatment is obvious but people from all around the world do not do anything about it. You need to be sure that you always get involved and that you learn as much as possible about all the options available for you. Everything starts with implementing proper wastewater treatment in your own home.

30 Mar 2016 11:10


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