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The role of writing skills in learning

The educational process is aimed at obtaining knowledge, skills, and values. It's an important part of human development as a well-educated person has beliefs and views that are core elements of well-being in society.
While the educational process consists of many elements, writing skills play an important role in learning and, therefore, your adult life.

The role of writing skills in learning

Why is writing so important?

When a student writes something on paper, he or she activates the sensorimotor memory, so it's easier to eliminate and get rid of mistakes. It's a core principal of learning correct spelling, and students obtain a better level of knowledge. 

Typing vs. writing

Modern trends affect students a lot: they've stopped reading and writing as it's easy to get any information online in several clicks. The digital era has changed the way people perceive information once and for all. Now, it has an impact on the education process as students do many things online. While some people believe that digital won't replace papers and pens in a classroom, the number of students who are keen on writing is decreasing. People start typing if needed.

However, teachers should cultivate habits of writing as good writing skills give an opportunity to express your thoughts, develop critical thinking, and they are highly used in business (email writing, reports, presentations, etc.).

If it's nearly impossible to stop the process of replacing writing with typing, it's important to remember the role of writing skills. Doubtless, these skills play a leading role in learning, so students should develop them.

There are three main ways to improve writing skills:

Academic help

One of the problems students face is a lack of knowledge on how to write academic papers. Having the assignment to write an essay or a research paper, some learners have no idea where to start and what to write. Thus, academic help is a must. Students can ask either tutors and groupmates or proficient writers to get an academic help. If you want to hire professionals to assist you, it's important to read the comparison of good essay writing services by OmniPapers before placing a bid as there are many services that are not reliable. However, it's important to remember that such help is like a hint but not the final paper to give to your teacher. Analyze the text, write down something useful, and learn from writing gurus.


Even if students don't want to produce handwritten texts, most of them are not afraid of expressing their thoughts, ideas, and views online. Believe it or not, 92% of students go online daily, and they share posts on social media with a big pleasure!

Students are ready to do it on social media, so why not to make the most out of it? Suggest that your students run blogs, and you will help them improve their writing skills. Blogging is a way to compose texts, expressing your attitude towards something.

Top three reasons to involve students in blogging:
  1. Developing creative thinking
  2. A possibility to enrich their portfolio
  3. A way to earn extra money
As you can see, blogging is beneficial, and it's more likely your students would love to write what they want while improving their skills.


Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are widespread nowadays as they give an opportunity to obtain education from the worlds best universities for a reasonable price (or even for free) while sitting at home. There are many different types of courses, and students can learn how to develop their writing skills, too.

As a tutor, pick the courses that suit writing needs, and share them with your students. As MOOCs are provided online, students don't have to waste extra time on attending them. Just sign the most interesting course, and do the assignments when you have time.

The most important fact is that such e-learning is interesting and useful. Thus, students might like to succeed in this educational process.

The bottom line

Although students should develop all skills while being in a college or university, writing skills are crucial for their further career. Thus, learning how to write savvy papers is a must. If your students are not motivated enough to improve these skills, it's you who should show them the importance of the writing for overall development.
7 Mar 2016 13:31


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