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How to encourage website visitors to return to your website

Are your website visitors returning to your website on a regular basis? If not, you could be losing large numbers of customers. Convincing people to return to your website regularly costs less money than attracting new ones, increases website sales and increases the popularity of a website. Below are some of the most effective ways to encourage website visitors to return to your website.
Photo by Stuart Miles at
Photo by Stuart Miles at

Publish excellent content

When people go online, they have a huge number of websites to choose from. The websites that stand out from the crowd, by publishing high quality content, are the websites that attract the most returning website visitors.

The content you publish on your website should be informative, well-written and engaging. A website that is updated on a regular basis will attract more people who want to find out more about the latest news and developments in your niche or industry. If you provide this up-to-date information, you are much more likely to build a loyal online following of people who can count on you and your website, to provide the most relevant information for a particular topic.

Add a forum

A large number of people go online to become part of a community of like-minded people. Adding an online forum to your website is the perfect way to set up a community of like-minded people, who can interact with each other on your website. The more your website visitors interact with each other through a forum, the more likely they are to return each day.

Many website owners who have added a forum to their websites now have huge numbers of forum members. These forum members help each other, look for advice from other members and post valuable content, which can be viewed by a wide range of people interested in the topic of these websites. This leads to even more regular visitors.

Add a job board

People visit a website for all kinds of reasons. Some individuals are interested in the same topics and industry that your website is about. Adding a job board to your website is the perfect way to entice people to your website, and encourage them to return on a frequent basis.

If you have a WordPress website, you can install a WordPress Job Board Plugin that is easy to maintain and update with the latest job vacancies in your industry. For example, if you own a graphic design related website, adding a job board listing the latest graphic design jobs available will be of interest to masses of people in your niche.

Create a private membership

Creating a free or paid private membership area on your website adds a certain amount of exclusivity to your website. It’s also an effective way to build an audience of like-minded people, who prefer to discuss a topic in a more discrete way, which is not always the case on public forums or social media websites.

The most popular and successful websites in the world focus on activities that make it more likely that website visitors and shoppers will return. You should have the same ambitions for your website and seriously consider implementing some of the strategies above.

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User experience, navigation and loading times are factors that can create returning users to websites, a fast and easy to use search will also make users comfortable on the websites especially if its a or an e-commerce store
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