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Five fantastic gift ideas for newborns

When a new baby arrives, it's a special occasion for everyone involved. And to mark this special anniversary, you'll want to buy a gift that's memorable and will be treasured for many years to come. There are many options available when you decide to purchase this type of item, but if you are struggling to choose, below are five fantastic gift ideas to get you started.
Personal diamonds

Personal diamonds, also known as memorial diamonds are unusual, long-lasting gifts. Grown in a laboratory, a lock of hair from the newborn who will be receiving the gift is turned into carbon. This carbon is added to the diamond growth foundation, and the end result is a unique, personalised diamond. Can you think of anything that would be cherished more?

First piggy bank

This is a gift parents will appreciate as it’s never too early for a child to start saving. When a baby is born many people give money as a gift so you’ll need to find somewhere to store it. A piggy bank for a newborn is one of the most practical gifts you can buy. In the past, this type of gift was pretty basic. However, now you can purchase customised piggy banks that allow you to add your own messages to make it more personal.

Personalised photo frames

Even though most photography has gone digital, keeping physical photos of a newborn is still popular and can be a great thing to look back on in years to come. The most popular personalised photo frames are made from a range of attractive, sturdy materials including wood and metal. These materials can be easily crafted and customised. The most popular details added to this type of item include the baby’s name, birth details and a special message from the person giving the gift.

Personalised clothing

Clothing is always a welcome gift, especially when you consider how quickly a baby grows. A customised piece of clothing is not only practical, it's sure to be a gift that can be treasured when the child is older. There are lots of things you could consider adding to clothing, such as the child’s name and birth date, or a personalised message chosen by you.

New baby birth block

A birth block is another unusual, long lasting gift that parents and children can appreciate for many years to come. These blocks are usually handcrafted gifts which are made from hardwood. You can have details carved into the side of the blocks that are personal to you and the child involved. In most instances, people buying this type of gift for a newborn add the child’s initial, full name, birth date, birth time, the day of the week the baby was born, the year, the parent’s names, the birth location and the baby’s measurements when he or she was delivered.

There are many popular gifts you can give a newborn. The five listed above are gifts that will be remembered for a long time to come.

24 Feb 2016 14:21


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