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Five smart management tools to enhance your restaurant business

Many people usually underestimate the importance of business management but the truth is that businesses cannot survive without effective management. Managing a restaurant business can be quite difficult because of factors such as intensified competition, rising costs and increased margins.
In today’s world, making delicious food and offering customers a positive atmosphere is not good enough to frequently attract adequate customers. You also need to advance your business management tactics by using smart management tools for your business.

Even though many restaurant business owners prefer to keep their old ways of running things, it is important for you to embrace the new advanced business management tools in the market so as to grow your business. Below are five smart business management tools that will help you enhance your restaurant business.

1. Acquire more customers using the Smart Yelp app

The main aim of any business is usually to get profit at the end of the day and this can only be accomplished by gaining more customers. Many restaurant business owners imagine that they can only acquire customers by providing exceptional food but you can also incorporate cost effective ways such as using smart tools like Yelp which is now merged with SeatMe.

Yelp is one of the widely used applications that enable your customers to make reservations, read reviews, see photos, search and find your restaurant. The app also allows you to see the number of people who are viewing your restaurant and also the rate at which numbers are growing. Apart from that, Yelp also lets you see where your customers are seated and if they have been attended to, so that you can assign a member of your staff to attend to them.

2. Put your customers first using Waitlist Me

Prioritising the customer is paramount for all businesses because these are the people who bring profit to your business at the end of the day. Even if you are not yet serving them, the customer will always be a priority and you should know that no one enjoys waiting in line particularly if they are not certain how much longer they have to wait. For this reason you should make use of the wait list management application - Waitlist Me, which will enable you to treat each and every customer like they were regulars.

This smart app usually enters guests into the system and immediately sends them a link with details of who is ahead of them and the amount of time they have to wait. It also notifies customers when their tables are ready and keeps tables well organised using its table management feature. In addition, the app keeps track of return customers and takes note of guests and their details i.e. preferences to ensure that the customers are always satisfied. Waitlist Me is a smart management tool that will enhance your general customer experience so that they keep coming back.

3. Obtain the Kitchen Display Screen technology

Most restaurants have kitchens which usually run off tickets to help them put into account the total amount they have made in a day. However as much as running of tickets is one way of organising the total amounts made in a day, this method can be really exhausting especially during busy hours and they are also more costly. However you can avoid the extra costs of purchasing and repairing a kitchen printer and its supplies by upgrading to the Kitchen Display Screens (KDS).

This technology enables restaurants to explore advanced technology by directly sending orders to the Kitchen KDS as soon as the orders are inputted on the iPad point of sale. You can also keep track of the status of each and every order using a time reporter and also reporting capabilities. This tool is a must have for you because it enables you see how long orders have been waiting since they were made so that you can provide faster services for customers.

4. Seamless transactions by the SambaPOS system

Apart from the above mentioned smart management tools, you also need to have a point of sale (POS) system that can manage orders quickly and ensure that your customers are not waiting for long meaningless periods for either food, bills or service. SambaPOS is the tool that you need for you to acquire seamless transactions in your restaurant since it can be easily customised to your restaurants needs and menu.

The system enables you to keep track of what you are selling, what you are making from the sales and also what you are losing. SambaPOS also makes sure that you and your employees do not waste time by doing things that could be accomplished easier, faster and more accurately by using the system. Restaurants do receive a lot of cash payments and to make sure that you do not end up taking counterfeit money you can use counterfeit money detectors from iTestCash.

5. Delivery management using Revel’s point of sales systems

Lastly, you need to get delivery management incorporated into the Revel’s point of sales systems for you to work smarter when managing deliveries. This system is used by delivery drivers and it is very resourceful when it comes to making deliveries to customers in the quickest way possible.

The system enables drivers to determine the items which can be taken out in one single drive so that they do not waste time making multiple trips. The system is ideal for your delivery management system since it does not require any extra costs and also highly improves your business’ delivery management process.

Make use of the above mentioned smart management tools to enhance your restaurant business and you will be impressed by the amount of profit you make at the end of the day. These smart tools will also make work easier and more fun for you and your employees and ultimately make your business expand as it should.

12 Feb 2016 14:22


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