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Why is the forex market constantly growing?

Statistics related to the forex market are definitely incredibly interesting. We are faced with various different stats that clearly highlight the growth that is experienced at the moment. As an example, in the year 2013 we saw the forex markets trading around $5.3 trillion every single day. This went up considerably since in the year 2012 the statistics highlighted transactions of $4 trillion per day. Believe it or not, this growth trend continued and although we do not know exactly how much is traded every single day at the moment, we can say that the amount is higher and the opportunities are more numerous for the investors.
The USD is the one currency that is traded the most in the forex market. The USD/EUR pair saw the highest trades with a volume of around $1.2 trillion daily. $1 trillion saw the USD/JPY pair stats. Why is all this happening?

There are various reasons why the forex market is growing so fast. We will mention just some of them.

Information availability

Let’s face the truth! People from all around the world look for opportunities that appear and that make it possible for them to make money really fast. Through forex trading you can make a huge profit. Amounts that can be own are normally a lot higher than with the other types of investments that are available. Companies from all around the world understood this urge to make money.

We now have access to so many options that people have in order to gain information about forex trading. You can learn everything that you need to know about trading and we have access to the possibility of starting with local currency forex value, which is something that helps people get started.

Information availability also means that we are faced with so many information sources that the traders can use in order to try to predict market direction. We have access to real-time news that we get as the market does. This allows the smart investors to predict so that proper investments can be made.

More trading options available

The internet made it so easy to operate in the forex market. We have access to various companies that open and that offer new trading services. For instance, a recent opening was that of Transferwise. Most of these companies offer both trading and bonuses for successful traders. That makes it so much easier for everyone that wants to start trading to actually get this done from the comfort of their own home.

Government involvement

Whenever governments get involved in an investment possibility, people are soon to follow. This is what is happening with the forex market right now. Because of the better economic situation, we see various governments being involved in the forex market through financial instrument investments with the purpose of diversification. Since governments are involved in forex trading, people do have the trust to start using such an investment option.

On the whole, the growth of the forex market is dictated by the potential of making great money and the availability of information that can be used to make trades successful. We do not expect to see this change in the future.

10 Feb 2016 13:00


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