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Five YouTube marketing secrets to keep in mind

Marketing was quite a discipline back in the days when newspaper ads, TV commercials, radio commercials and billboards were the only platforms. With time, consumers developed a more critical approach to viewing traditional advertisements. Today, a common audience is more likely to view contents and stories with embedded marketing compared to direct advertisements thrown at them. And what can be better than videos that can be broadcasted in any desired way and approaches that are more than versatile?
YouTube, a video sharing website, has turned the tables for marketing at unimaginable angles. This giant website, with popularity more than any other online sphere, has given birth to whole new ways of marketing and reaching your desired audience. For the 21st century marketer, this brings in good news as well as bad news.

Good news: YouTube marketing is super cost-effective compared to other mediums.

Bad news: If you are not up to the mark, you'll be lost in the clutter.

YouTube is a massive website with billions of subscribers lurking in its video library 24/7 throughout the world. It's like a globally established media for marketers to take advantage of, but it is also one of the most cluttered content sites in the whole world. Hence, to succeed with YouTube marketing, you must have a few characteristics developed in your plan.

Here are five secrets that will surely help your next YouTube marketing content to shine brighter:

Have your own voice

With seemingly infinite number of channels and marketers trying to put themselves on the map, YouTube has turned into one of the most challenging marketing mediums out there, with more than great results when succeeded.

What does this imply for you as a marketer trying to promote your video on YouTube? Think about the average YouTube audience and how short the patience span is when it comes to watching a YouTube video. It's not TV with the authoritative power of running programs in a one direction manner. YouTube videos are streams that are fully under the control of its viewers deciding if or if not she will watch a video completely at any given time. This means that videos with character are more likely to keep audiences hooked longer than another one of the generic videos out there.

Develop your own YouTube channel with precision, so that whenever a viewer comes to your channel page, she will instantly get the vibe of what you are trying to convey. When it comes to making videos, make sure that your video starts and ends with its own voice. Take successful channels for example and look at how they differentiate themselves from generic videos to well tailored videos that speak authentic.

Respond to viewers

YouTube is after all a video sharing social media and if you think that it has a one-way road, then you are wrong from the roots. YouTube success requires YouTubers to engage with their viewers. The best possible way to interact and give feedback to your audience is by consistently analysing comments and responding to them, in turn engaging your viewer to your channel.

If an audience is left without her comment being replied to, she is more likely to not view that subscription in the future.

Take operations in your own hand

Unless you are marketing for a huge business, it's best to create your own content and give it a personal touch. YouTube videos are less commercial in comparison to TV programs and thus are more prone to success when created with authenticity. Therefore, instead of spending on professional agencies, try to develop your own content and spend on promoting your videos to the respective audiences. The major part of this promotion lies in your hands and your power to utilise social media by understanding it.

Make room for your viewers to take part in

One of the best qualities of successful YouTube channels is that they bring in their viewers under the limelight and broadcast videos featuring viewers. Although, this may not apply for all sorts of YouTube channels, in most cases you can make space for your audience and feature their interests like a dialogue video that enhances the community essence of YouTube. Moreover, this technique allows your audience to emotionally connect to your videos. This emotional connection has the power to bring great success by viewers' attachment to your channel.

By making your viewers take part also means creating content that the viewers will be interested to post and repost about. This implies creating videos that are designed from the viewer's angle. When a video brings delight in viewing, an audience is more likely to post or share the video due to her interest being served through the marketing that's infused within it.

Act as you succeed

While big-shot brands develop their marketing contents through extensive planning and strategising, YouTube marketing requires a smaller approach that demands just one YouTuber with a computer and an understanding of the YouTube community.

Although YouTube is one of the biggest marketing platforms in the world right now, it is still run by the commoners of the web. What is meant by this is that understanding how social media works can be the biggest asset for your success in YouTube marketing. Once your contents get highlighted, it is your job to forecast the road and strategise accordingly with your marketing plan. Additionally, you can also buy YouTube views to give your video the initial push to take it to the next level. YouTube is flexible and trendy in nature, unlike specific content websites and this makes YouTube an ever-changing game. Thus, it is in your best interest to follow the reason why your content got viral and how to sustain the good news with respective strategising.

8 Jan 2016 10:46


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