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Five middle-market companies helping SA SMBs

Small- and medium-sized businesses in South Africa that are looking for business help or ways to expand typically look to those organisations that are designed to help them succeed. However, middle-market companies can also provide relevant and necessary assistance or advice to help these businesses succeed.
With an economy that's expected to grow from $2 trillion to $29 trillion, it's a good idea for middle-market companies to start looking at South African SMBs as a way to expand their own business. No matter what type of business opportunity or help in South Africa that you're looking for, the following are five middle-market companies that are regularly helping South African SMBs get the footing or assistance they need to find success.
  1. DAI

    Since 1970, DAI has been helping small- and mid-size businesses tackle social and economical development problems. Whether your company is struggling due to the economy or general business instability, DAI can help transform your business into one that's booming. DAI offers a variety of solutions to help companies find the success they want, from corporate services to law and justice and many items in between. They can help your company break into new markets, merge businesses, drive trade, and provide necessary skills that are needed to help small- and mid-size companies in South Africa thrive.

  2. Gateways Business Consultants

    Most of the time a small or medium business will need help with management. In these instances, Gateways Business Consultants offers the right opportunities for businesses to find the tools and training they need to succeed. Gateways offers finance assistance, training, coaching and mentoring, trade facilitation, performance management, corporate governance, and expert advice for a variety of companies in many different industries to ensure they're making the right choices for their business.

  3. Buy Barcodes South Africa

    If your company is in retail, you may be in need of assistance for your products. Buy Barcodes South Africa offers affordable barcodes that can be used throughout South Africa and beyond. Each one is registered with GS1 South Africa and have a high resolution so that they can be printed directly onto your product or packaging. You can also opt for the label option too if it makes more sense for your business. This company is great because they offer fast and reliable service with affordable prices too. Plus, they serve a variety of businesses, from smaller retail shops to high-end retailers.

  4. GroFin

    In some cases, an SMB can reach its goals with the backing of additional financing. GroFin provides finance solutions for small- and mid-size businesses to help them reach their goals and experience success. Along with capital, GroFin also provides business support to help companies in Africa and the Middle East experience the results that help them grow.

  5. Sage One Accounting

    Having an organised bookkeeping system can change the face of South African small and medium businesses. Sage One Accounting is a simple and secure online accounting system that small and medium businesses can use to organise and track their financials. You can link online bank accounts to the system for automatic implementation, and you can access the information you need from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. In addition to the program, you'll also receive training and support to ensure you fully understand how to use the program.
No matter what type of assistance or opportunities your SMB may be looking for, there are plenty of mid-market companies out there who are willing to help you succeed. Simply do your research and make an educated decision, and then experience what a mid-market company's help can do for you.

1 Dec 2015 12:38


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