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Newly established Europlaw Accountants practice in South Africa

Europlaw Group Incorporated has announced that a new accounting practice was established in Pretoria, known as Europlaw Accountants (Pty) Ltd. This is the result of the growth within Europlaw Group Inc. that necessitated the establishment of such a company within the group. The appointed directors and accountants of Europlaw Accountants (Pty) Ltd consist of Lise van der Merwe, Jaco van Zyl and Liezel Olivier, two of which are members of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants. Europlaw Accountants (Pty) Ltd is a member of Europlaw Group Incorporated.
Newly established Europlaw Accountants practice in South Africa
The newly established Europlaw Accountants (Pty) Ltd will greatly facilitate and assist clients of the Europlaw Group worldwide with the provision of accounting, compliance, due diligence bookkeeping, financial advisory, payroll administration, preparation of audits, tax services, tax consulting & administration, tax compliance and preparation, tax law, tax planning, trusts, business plans and registrations (SARS, Department of Labour, CIPC).

The Europlaw Group have found it exceedingly difficult in South Africa because of the complicated exchange control regulations and banking procedures which makes it difficult and cumbersome to receive and pay out project-related funds for international projects in foreign currencies. For these reasons, the Europlaw Group chose to provide a safe, efficient and secure payment system to its international clientele from a Mauritius-based financial platform where all legal and escrow services are provided from South Africa. Europlaw Group established a special purpose vehicle in the Republic of Mauritius called Europlaw Group Trust from which Europlaw Accountants (Pty) Ltd will provide one-stop accounting, compliance and financial advisory services to Europlaw Group clients worldwide.

Commenting on the newly formed Europlaw Accountants (Pty) Ltd, the directors expressed enthusiasm and commitment to the progress of the accounting practice and have stated that the team will not leave any stone unturned while working to ensure success. The directors acknowledged that there is great synergy within the Europlaw Group, and in their opinion, the newly formed accounting practice will open unlimited doors of opportunities and resources to companies, government entities, non-governmental organisations, and individuals worldwide. With the mission of Europlaw Group to bring progress to the African continent and other underdeveloped parts of the world, Europlaw Accountants (Pty) Ltd will be operated and served by several compliance, legal, business, and financial professionals who are committed and devoted to solving problems and achieving results. The newly formed Europlaw Accountants will surely benefit from such passion, commitment, and devotion.

Europlaw Group operates in several countries around the world and is a member of the International Association of Lawyers (UIA), which is based in Paris, France. The holding company of the group is based in London, United Kingdom, while its operative headquarters is located in South Africa. To deliver much needed one-on-one client-oriented services, the Europlaw Group operates as a boutique-type consultancy and transactional company focused on the implementation and provision of capital market services, escrow agent services, paymaster services, project funding and financing. The focus is also on provision of financial instruments and advisory, monetisation of assets and financial instruments, and merger and acquisitions transactions. These services are for companies and corporations of all sizes. The group’s core strategy is based on the concept of reputable and intelligent partnerships and alliances. Through these, experts from the fields of law, business, asset management, project management, project funding and financing, paymaster services, escrow services, fiduciary, and audit and tax advisory deliver excellent services to clients at reasonable and competitive rates. The group’s senior partner structure allows seasoned and experienced lawyers, escrow agents, auditors, advocates, investment bankers, accountants, financial advisors, and real estate experts to work together in competent teams for successful operations in locations worldwide.

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24 Aug 2016 15:45