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Do-It Carry Handles: Buying in bulk made easier

New offering from Do-It allows brand owners to simplify bulk purchasing
Pyrotec: Do-It Carry Handles
Pyrotec: Do-It Carry Handles
Pyrotec: Do-It Carry Handle straps
Pyrotec: Do-It Carry Handle straps
When the economy took a nose-dive, the price of grocery items rocketed, and consumers had reason to be frightened. They became more wary of their spending habits and budgets, resulting in a more resourceful approach to spending. We began to see the rise of a new type of consumer: The Bulk Buyer. The Bulk Buyer is one that typically purchases larger quantities of goods at a time even though it is a larger initial investment, as it allows them to actually save in the long run.

Timothy Beattie, general manager of Pyrotec PackMedia, a leading supplier of innovative on-pack devices, says: "Studies have shown that consumers are now shopping for FMCG items less frequently as a result of increasing price pressure, and that many have turned towards bulk sizes due to budget constraints."As a result of this trend, Pyrotec PackMedia, has released its latest offering: the Do-It Carry Handle. Lifting and carrying bulky purchases is made simpler with these innovative carry handles that allow for convenient handling of goods.

Do-It Carry Handles are strong, durable and easy-to-use. Constructed from a heavyweight substrate and using ultra-strong HangTite 203 adhesive, the handles are easily bonded to most packaging surfaces.

The carry handles are also available in a strap version, allowing consumers to easily handle multipacks. The Do-It Carry Handle Strap is supplied in roll-form and can be applied automatically to multipacks. Carry handle straps are able to be printed with brand and promotional information which helps to attract the attention of consumers. The carry handles and carry handle straps can hold anything from two to 22 kilograms depending on the size of the handle or strap.

"The volatile economy saw many adopt this bulk-purchasing trend, as large quantities at reduced prices became more viable and practical for most consumers. This latest offering from Do-It allows brand owners to make the lives of their customers that much easier when they are shopping for bulky items," concludes Beattie.

20 May 2013 11:56