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Pyrotec PackMark's 7031L Laser offers permanent date coding solution

With the recent debacle in the media around product date codes being susceptible to removal by standard household solvents, manufacturers are seeking more durable options for coding their goods. Pyrotec PackMark, a leading privately-owned South African product identification solutions provider, has launched its state of the art Markem-Imaje 7031L Laser Coder - a permanent solution for applying date and batch codes to BOPP (bi-axially oriented polypropylene) foils.
Pyrotec PackMark's 7031L Laser offers permanent date coding solutionPyrotec PackMark's 7031L Laser offers permanent date coding solution

One of the unique benefits of the 7031L Laser Coder is that the code it produces is readable on BOPP foils (metalised or non-metalised) to guarantee traceability, allowing manufacturers to maintain product integrity. "The 7031L provides complete traceability by offering auto-dating functions and securing the input of batch information. Manufacturers are assured against counterfeiting with the permanent print produced, which is completely resistant to removal through the use of solvents," explains Brandon Pearce, General Manager of Pyrotec PackMark. "Another benefit is that the 7031L requires no expensive, messy consumables - ultimately saving our customers money in the long-run."

The Markem-Imaje 7031L Coder's laser head system guarantees integrity on thin foils with no risk of piercing, allowing for high coding quality at speeds of up to 1000 products per minute - making it suitable for even the most demanding production lines. The unique font setting reduces the risk of "bubbling", even on the thinnest foils. Environmental features include an IP65 solution option which utilises no plant air or water and a dedicated fume extraction system for a healthier working environment, allowing manufacturers to meet sustainability targets.

The Markem-Imaje 7031L Coder is available with the CoLOS Networking software pre-installed, allowing for centralised production data management and automated task coding. "This allows for improved management of the complete production run, minimising wastage and in-house theft," says Pearce. "The Coder also has a full 18 month warranty for additional peace of mind."

"With its extended warranty, high performance coding and eco-attributes, the 7031L is guaranteed to streamline the production line and ultimately save manufacturers money and time," concludes Pearce.

28 Sep 2012 10:44