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Pyrotec implements Japanese training programme - the 6 Standards of star service

Pyrotec, a leading South African provider of innovative on-pack solutions, has added a new Japanese training programme to its arsenal, which aims to create and sustain the environment necessary for it to achieve its business objectives.
Pyrotec implements Japanese training programme - the 6 Standards of star service
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The 6 S's programme, derived from the "5 S's" Japanese method of workplace organisation popularised by Hiroyuki Hirano in 1990, utilises ancient principles of harmony and synergy to achieve more efficient production output; better work quality; cleaner working environment; reduction in stress levels and an energised workforce. Many companies internationally have aligned themselves with these standards in order to better their service offerings.

Rowan Beattie, managing director of Pyrotec, believes that this programme will assist the company in achieving its ISO 14001 rating in 2013. "These standards relate to a change in mindset- specifically in how we operate, function and behave- which ultimately benefits our customers."

The 6 S's programme is based on the following principles:
  1. Seiri - "to sort"
    This principle addresses the organisation of the workplace from top to bottom and aims to achieve harmony through the simplification of internal processes and systems.

  2. Seiton - "set"
    This principle looks at instilling consistency throughout the company's systems and processes.

  3. Seiso - "shine"
    Working in a clean, tidy environment is believed to enhance productivity and turn-around time.

  4. Seiketsu - "standardisation"
    This principle aims to ensure consistency in maintaining the standards implemented in the first three steps of "sorting"; "setting" and "shining". The pivotal principle of the 5 S's training programme lies within consistency throughout the company- a way of work, a working culture and ultimately a way of life.

  5. Shitsuke - "sustain"
    "Shitsuke" centres on enforcing the discipline of change by monitoring and refining the execution of this change in mindset.

  6. Safety
    This principle focuses on the elimination of potential safety hazards within the workplace.

    "The core focus of our company is our unwavering belief in innovation, and this extends from our product offering to how we operate. We constantly strive to better the way we do things, in order to be able to have the best service offering in South Africa. The 6 S's program is one of the many ways that Pyrotec aims to deliver on this promise," concludes Beattie.

19 Jul 2012 10:41