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ElastiTag, going beyond promotion to emotion

On-pack devices are often viewed as an essential part of planning a successful below-the-line marketing campaign. Brand owners look to these devices to amplify or convey a current promotion, discount or special offer. If we had to over-simplify the function of an on-pack device, one might say that it is a necessary if somewhat unexciting element of any promotional campaign. What is not considered is that on-pack can be an ideal vehicle to spark customer engagement through directly speaking to our emotions and thus acting as a brand enhancement tool.
Pyrotec PackMedia's ElastiTag range of products aims to do exactly that. The ElastiTag is a unique hang tag that can be used for labelling, branding and marketing a wide variety of products, from produce to cosmetics. The tag is custom manufactured to suit the brand's needs and objectives, and the unique elastomer loop is designed to fit snugly around the product.

"On-pack has to express the brand authentically so that people can look at it as a symbol to understand what that brand represents. On-pack need not merely lay out a specific offer or promotion- it can do so much more," says Timothy Beattie, General Manager of Pyrotec PackMedia. "Brand owners are looking to engage consumers through stronger emotional connections by leveraging sensory appeal, ultimately positioning and enhancing the brand in the consumers' minds."

So, what is it that makes ElastiTag an effective brand enhancement tool?
  • ElastiTag allows you to create a perception about your product's worth and can therefore act as a basis to alter its pricing accordingly. High quality materials are used in the production of ElastiTag®- it is a premium on-pack device which boosts the overall image of the brand and thus increases the perceived value of the product.
  • The elastomer loop is available in a wide variety of colours that can match or contrast the product packaging, enhancing the look of the product.
  • ElastiTag offers a scent option as part of its range of products. By incorporating scent onto an ElastiTag consumers will be able to test the scent of the product without having to open the package, boosting the product's appeal by engaging the emotions through the stimulation of the senses.
  • ElastiTag acts as an effective communication tool. It can be used to communicate the brand's key messages, convey value-added incentives such as discounts and special tips, in addition to providing essential information about the product such as nutritional composition or user instructions.
Beattie believes that this tool will aid the evolution of on-pack. "ElastiTag goes beyond being a promotional device to acting as a brand enhancement agent," he explains. "It attracts attention whilst simultaneously engaging emotions by adding a deeper dimension to the promotional campaign."

Pyrotec PackMedia is a preferred distributor of the ElastiTag products in South Africa. For more information about Pyrotec PackMedia and its range of on-pack solutions, please visit

ElastiTag, going beyond promotion to emotionElastiTag, going beyond promotion to emotionElastiTag, going beyond promotion to emotion

29 Jun 2012 10:20