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New features of Pyrotec's 9232 extend print capabilities

In order to remain relevant in today's fast-paced production environment, it is essential that companies continue to evolve and improve their product offerings.
New features of Pyrotec's 9232 extend print capabilities
Pyrotec PackMark's Markem-Imaje 9232 is a small character inkjet printer that has done just that. The powerful printer now boasts several innovative new features, allowing customers to extend their printing capabilities whilst ensuring maximum production uptime.

Brandon Pearce, General Manager of Pyrotec PackMark, a brand of Pyrotec that supplies factory-level coding and labelling equipment, says the 9232 offers ease-of-use and cost-of-ownership benefits that outperform its competitors on every level. "With its new features, the 9232 now offers even further benefits, such as allowing customers to print on a wider range of applications due to a greater selection of compatible inks."

New features of Pyrotec's 9232 extend print capabilities
Through these new features, the 9232 is now able to offer customers the following tangible benefits:
  • Extended printing capabilities
    Through upgraded hardware and software features, customers are now able to extend the capabilities of their printers. It is now possible to interface one 9232 printer considered as the "Parent" printer with up to four 9232 printers, considered as "Child" printers. The Parent/Child function allows for the automatic sending of active messages from one machine (Parent) to several machines (Child) via the ultra-fast Ethernet connexion, saving the operator time.
  • Seamless integration into the production line
    Although several parts have been upgraded, for conveniences purposes item reference codes remain unchanged.
  • Increased application options
    Due to a wider range of compatible inks, the 9232 now allows customers to print across a greater variety of surfaces.
Pearce says: "These new features, in addition to its other powerful benefits such as multi-line printing, user-friendly interface, variable printing speeds and high-contrast coding make the 9232 the ideal great choice for the time-poor customer who doesn't want to sacrifice print quality."

31 May 2012 10:42