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Are your products being seen in-store?

Visual impact is a huge component of retail merchandising, as consumers are greatly influenced by the visual information they gather in the first split second. Product manufacturers and brand owners don't always have much to do with this visual merchandising process. Once the product is neatly packaged and has left the factory, the manufacturer usually expects that the utmost is being done by retailers to ensure the sale of the product. Unfortunately this is not always possible with many retailers being tied in to corporate deals with other brands or holding companies.
Do-It Display Strips Option 1
Do-It Display Strips Option 1
Do-It Display Strips Option 2
Do-It Display Strips Option 2
Do-It Colour Hang Tabs
Do-It Colour Hang Tabs
Are your products being seen in-store?
Aside from playing a role in marketing campaigns and promotions, brand owners do not realise that they have a greater influence than expected in how their products are represented in store. Insisting that products are prominently displayed and advising the visual merchandising team on how to get the greatest impact is necessary to ensure that products both attract and engage the consumer.

In today's ultra competitive market place, it is of paramount importance that both retailers and brand owners understand the basics of visual merchandising.

Visual Merchandising Checklist:

✔ Let your products be seen

Don't let your goods be hidden on the lowest shelf. Aim to ensure that your brand is displayed prominently. Pyrotec PackMedia's Do-It Adhesive Display Strips provide a practical way to display your products vertically where customers can see them, and allow you to group complementary products together.

✔ Use creative imagery

Lighting design techniques can be incorporated to stimulate consumers' imaginations. Shining a spotlight on Do-It's Printed Point-Of-Purchase Signs can create a striking visual effect and thus drive the desire for brand association.

✔ Get colourful

One effective way to grab your customer's attention is with a knowledgeable use of colours, as they carry associations of emotions, holidays and gender. By understanding some of these associations, you can target your merchandising to the correct audience through the use of a specific colour palette.

Cracking the colour code in the retail context:
Yellow/Red: Attention grabbing
Green: Health, freshness, natural, eco-friendly
Brown: Home, earthiness
Black: Sophistication, elegance, exclusivity
Blue: Trust, reliability (although blue can have a negative effect if associated with food)
Pink: Femininity

Pyrotec's Do-It Coloured Tabs will be helpful in utilising the appropriate colour for your product.

✔ Consider the Customer

It is important to consider how potential customers respond to the visual elements of displays. For example, it's important not to crowd too many items onto the shelves or hooks. Consider arranging products so that light colours are on the left side of the display with darker colours on the opposite side, naturally drawing the eye across.

✔ Keep it fresh

Last but not least, remember that maintaining effective visual merchandising is an ongoing process. It's important to update product displays regularly. Use on-pack devices (such as Fix-a-Form® from Pyrotec PackMedia) and incentives as cost-effective ways to keep displays attention-grabbing and relevant. Keep the display fresh, exciting and engaging.

8 May 2012 11:12