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Unique random numbering improves your sales figures

On-pack promotions are one of the most frequently-used and effective methods of differentiating products in order to boost sales and win new customers. With the surge in social and mobile media, brand owners seek to drive promotional activity online. One of the key methods of achieving this is through the use of an effective on-pack campaign that specifically incorporates incentives to drive customer engagement.
Unique random numbering improves your sales figures
"Incentives such as competitions, inserts, vouchers, scratch-off panels, SMS text promotions and collectables all help to win over the consumer," says Timothy Beattie, General Manager of Pyrotec PackMedia. "One way of achieving this would be by using Fix-a-Form multi-page leaflet label which helps to communicate large amounts of data on-pack including promotions, brand benefits, cross-range product details and multi-lingual information." Pyrotec is a privately-owned South African provider of on-pack solutions, and the sole local provider of the space-saving Fix-a-Form leaflet label.

However, it is essential that an integrated and strategic promotional campaign is properly in place. "A large percentage of FMCG goods are now sold on promotion. People expect discounts and giveaways as standard so these campaigns need professional management to enable them to work effectively."

Numbered promotions allow these "instant wins" to operate seamlessly and can include unique random numbers (URN's), variable winning numbers or combinations of the two spread evenly through the printing process. "It is important that these campaigns are professionally planned, as promotions can backfire if not properly executed," reminds Beattie.

Pyrotec PackMedia offers a one-stop shop for numbered competitions and giveaways. Its unique inspection verification system software processes the variable data to avoid duplication, thereby successfully executing each campaign. "The added benefit of this system is that it provides customers with a record of the variable data 'live' codes printed on the Fix-a-Form leaflet to ensure that the promotion meets industry standards," says Beattie.

"Unique random numbering is an effective tool in the implementation and management of a marketing campaign. Through the application of these URN's on a space-efficient label such as Fix-a-Form, brand owners are able to successfully boost sales and increase customer engagement," concludes Beattie.

2 Apr 2012 13:06