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Stretch your brand awareness with ElastiTag

In today's ultra-competitive retail industry, it is not enough for brand owners to simply promote their products. A clever multi-dimensional marketing strategy incorporating a solid on-pack campaign that integrates with new media platforms is essential for brand survival. As a key ingredient in the marketing mix, brand owners need to look at the on-pack devices they are using to promote their goods. Price is important, but value for money is fundamental to the consumer's positive perception of the brand. In tough economic times, value-added on-pack drivers such as competitions or coupons are important, but equally vital are devices that act as brand enhancement tools by improving the general perception of the brand.
Stretch your brand awareness with ElastiTag
Pyrotec PackMedia is now offering the ElastiTag® products as part of their comprehensive range of product identification solutions. The ElastiTag® is a unique hang tag that can be used for labelling, branding and marketing a wide variety of products, from produce to cosmetics. The tag is custom manufactured to suit the brand's needs and objectives, and the unique elastomer loop is designed to fit snugly around the product.

Dave Groff, South African Manager of Bedford Industries, the manufacturer of the ElastiTag® line, believes it to be an innovative and active promotional and marketing tool as it engages the customer according to their specific needs, which ultimately plays a role in sales conversion. "The unique design of the ElastiTag® has been shown to engage the consumer not only on an aesthetic level, but also on an emotional level," says Groff.

The ElastiTag® is ideal for a new product launch, product cross promotion, expanding on a product's features or announcing an award, and has been proven to have a high-impact on retail shelves.
The ElastiTag® line offers a range of unique benefits, including:
  • Brand enhancement tool - the ElastiTag® is not only a promotional and marketing tool, but enhances the overall appeal of the brand as it can be custom designed to meet the brand'srequirements and objectives.
  • Immediate response - the ElastiTag® has been shown to attract an immediate response in consumers, through its attention grabbing design.
  • Optimised product handling and bending characteristics - this increases the brand owner's opportunities for marketing. With the ElastiTag®, the possibilities are limitless.
  • Aesthetically-pleasing - the elastomer loop is available in a wide variety of colours that can match or contrast the product packaging, enhancing the look of the product.
  • No loss of on-pack device - the elastomer loop grips the product firmly and stays put, preventing the tag from slipping or tearing off.
  • Prestige factor - high-quality materials are used in the production of ElastiTag®- it is a premium on-pack device which boosts the overall image of the brand.
  • Package color is one of the first things that attract consumers at the store shelf; therefore, the ElastiTag® is ideal for creating color differentiation in a product category without having to change the entire packaging.
  • Eco-conscious - ElastiTag® is available in biodegradable options and provides the opportunity for packaging reduction.
Timothy Beattie, General Manager for Pyrotec PackMedia, is delighted to add ElastiTag® to the PackMedia family. "We are very excited about launching ElastiTag® in the South African market due to its unique features which we know will benefit our clients' brands. Pyrotec PackMedia prides itself on always being at the forefront of new technologies and the incorporation of this innovative line of products is yet another way in which we endeavour to offer value to our clients," says Beattie.

Pyrotec PackMedia is a preferred distributor of the ElastiTag® products in South Africa. For more information about Pyrotec PackMedia and its range of on-pack solutions, please visit

28 Feb 2012 12:24