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Pyrotec launches all-in-one on-pack promo solutions product

In today's retail environment, the competition is fiercer than ever and brand owners need to be actively seeking out new marketing mediums if they wish to see an increase in sales.
Pyrotec launches all-in-one on-pack promo solutions product
So says Stephen Beattie, marketing director of Pyrotec, a family-owned South African provider of innovative promotional and product identification solutions. He insists that brand owners need to be looking at creative ways of promoting their products if they want to increase their bottom line. "Clever in-store merchandising, whilst essential, is not always enough to effectively promote a new product or give an existing brand a boost. With the recent advances in technology giving mobile and social media marketing centre stage, it would be foolish to not take advantage of these wide-reaching platforms as a means to further engage your target audience."

Mobile marketing, in particular, has experienced massive growth over the last five years and statistics show that text messaging is at an all time high, with the majority of users preferring it to voice calls. Mobile marketing revenues are expected to increase to over $24 billion worldwide in 2013, galvanized by flat-rate data plans and advertising-supported mobile search and gaming content services, according to a forecast by market analysis firm ABI Research.

To meet the increase in demand for interactive marketing solutions, Pyrotec PackMedia, a division of Pyrotec, has released its MobileInteractive suite of mobile media options. MobileInteractive aims to provide a timesaving, cost-effective one-stop service that allows for seamless integration across on- pack campaigns.

This unique solution enriches on¬-pack promotions by adding another dimension to your campaign, thereby increasing outreach and consumer engagement. Upon discussing the campaign objectives and requirements with one of Pyrotec's expert consultants, MobileInteractive effectively starts a conversation with the intended audience on their cellular phones via SMS, MMS and QR code by adding value to their shopping experience. There are numerous ways that this is achieved- for example, by offering discount vouchers, special deals, social media engagement, competitions, product demos and reviews.

MobileInteractive measures the success of each campaign by providing clients with comprehensive feedback on an ongoing basis. If the campaign incorporated an SMS competition, for instance, it can assist by logging all the competition entries, notifying the winner, distributing the prize on your behalf and providing a full report on the success of the initiative by analysing the data captured. This constant influx of data allows the campaign to be adapted in real time, if necessary, ensuring each campaign is as effective as possible.

Another option is the creation of a company or campaign mobi site- a web domain optimised for cell phones. MobileInteractive is capable of developing multiple landing packages with punchy, attention-grabbing content that can be updated as often as required.

MobileInteractive can notify consumers about special offers and promotions via bulk SMS and MMS campaigns, as a means of keeping your current audience informed and potentially attracting new customers. It can add value to an on-pack promotion by setting up and implementing a complementary QR code campaign and can even provide customers with an easy-to-follow link to download a QR reader.

For brand owners wishing to take advantage of the enormous reach of the mobile platform, MobileInteractive offers the following benefits:

Brand Building - relationships with your customers are formed through direct engagement and connectivity, through a medium that they are comfortable with engaging
Optimal Interactivity - position your brand at the forefront of mobile media and social media marketing, and keep it at the top of your customers' minds
Measureable Return on Investment - comprehensive feedback and analysis of promotional success provides essential business intelligence
Intellectual Property through Databases - gather dynamic customer information that traditional on-pack promotions cannot yield alone

"We have seen that consumers are consistently drawn to brands that engage them across multiple channels. Mobile marketing, combined with an effective on-pack campaign, is an affordable and direct method of communicating with your target audience. Pyrotec Packmedia's MobileInteractive product offers a comprehensive one-stop service that can be tailored to fit your exact requirements," Beattie concludes.

3 Oct 2011 12:51