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Finalists selected for penultimate round of Pyro Inspirations Awards

Pyrotec, the privately owned South African company that specialises in providing innovative and top quality product identification solutions, recently announced the July finalists of the 2010 Pyro Inspiration Awards. The chosen entries join a group of eight finalists already chosen earlier this year. Engineered by Pyrotec Packmedia, which offers innovative on-pack promotion and communication vehicles, the awards were created to recognise and reward exceptional on-pack activity and to establish on-pack as a standalone media category. The panel present for this penultimate judging session stemmed from the FMCG, Media, Marketing and Advertising industries.
Finalists selected for penultimate round of Pyro Inspirations Awards
Finalists selected for penultimate round of Pyro Inspirations Awards
TLC Kids Body Wash emerged as the finalist for the Promotional Category, which was created to laud superior on-pack promotional activity. TLC's double-decker label received a thumbs-up from the judges for being relevant to the kids market. The judges also felt that the sticker would incentivise parents to purchase more product for kids because of the appealing and collectible nature of the sticker. The judges commended the label for its functionality and clever construction.

Syngenta's booklet was voted the finalist in the informational category. The booklet was praised for its functionality, which is especially suited for the agricultural market. The use of colour on the booklet was deemed to make the packaging more attractive. The size of the text on the booklet was praised for its legibility.

The entries for this category were judged against the following criteria:
  • Originality - innovation, freshness and design;
  • Impact - wow factor and selling power;
  • Clever use of space - amount of information, relevance to product and functionality.

Only one more adjudication round remains in the run up to the annual Pyro Inspiration Awards in November. All the finalists picked during the course of the year will be judged at this ceremony. The final batch of entries will be judged in September.

The judges included Mia Van Aswegen from Efekto; Danette Breitenbach Deputy Editor of Advantage Magazine; Glynis Boyd from Andre Schwartz Marketing; Peter Vermeer from Clover; Bryony Sturgeon from Brand New Advertising and Mark Khoury from Pyrotec.

About the Pyro Inspiration Awards
Pyro Inspirations Awards are awarded five times a year at two month intervals for the best on-pack devices including promotional and informational and often mostly multipage labels which are produced by Pyrotec. The finalists of the bi-monthly awards proceed into the final round and are judged by a panel of esteemed judges.

For more information on Pyrotec and the Pyro Inspiration Awards, visit

10 Aug 2010 10:56