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What's in store for on-pack communication in 2021?

Following an uncharted year for manufacturers and retailers, emerging trends for 2021 reveal growth for private labels, immersive packaging design and on-pack communication for social initiatives.
What's in store for on-pack communication in 2021?What's in store for on-pack communication in 2021?What's in store for on-pack communication in 2021?

Private label brands continue to gain market share

Private labels have been around for many years but the pandemic forced brands to rethink their portfolios as supply chains were disrupted and inventory on shelves was left lacking. Even before the virus’s outbreak, retailers were modernising and fast-tracking their private label product offerings. However, during 2020, private labels gained even more ground as out-of-stock situations led to consumers trying alternative brands – in many cases private label products – which they liked.

In 2021, brand owners will continue to reconsider their products to optimise sales, reduce out-of-stock challenges, and respond to online sales growth. And, as merchandising and promotional strategies ramp up for both iconic and private label brands, opportunities to increase shelf shout will matter more than ever. 

Pyrotec PackMedia offers innovative on-pack, informational, promotional and merchandising solutions that take packaging to the next level. And, for the highest quality labelling, digitally printed labels ensure fast turnaround times and short print runs for eye-catching promotions and seasonal campaigns. 

Immersive packaging design

While augmented reality (AR) has also been around for many years, it’s taken some time for mobile technology to catch up with QR code and AR readers. 

Today, instead of QR codes and AR finding themselves consigned to the digital scrap heap, they’re being more widely adopted by the billions of people who use smartphones. Websites are better equipped to deal with mobile use and smartphone cameras can scan codes directly without the need for an app. Almost 50% of people access the internet on their phones, and the importance of browsing the net on a mobile device has increased significantly. In fact, in 2020 it was reported that 32% of global consumers are using AR while shopping. 

Fix-a-Form® booklet labels, available from Pyrotec PackMedia, increase brand awareness with their enhanced graphics and ability to communicate and appeal to consumers in several languages simultaneously. With their ability to provide opportunities for value adds, such as recipes, inserts, coupons, collectables and cross-promotions, they are also an ideal vehicle for QR codes, AR and near field communication (NFC) tags to add to a brand’s ability to communicate and attract shoppers. 

Supporting social initiatives

In 2020, the pandemic also accelerated the ongoing trend of eating and living well. In recent years, packaging design has seen major advances towards more sustainable, lightweight and recyclable packaging material, and brand owners are more aware than ever that design can be one of the most effective tools in communicating a brand’s social responsibility. 

With new generations of tech savvy, socially empowered shoppers who think globally and are pro eco-friendly products, brands need to continue to meet their requirements and appeal to their ideologies. 

So how does a brand get noticed by these demanding consumers? The answer is to connect emotionally and intellectually with them at point of sale – something Pyrotec PackMedia helps brand owners to achieve very effectively.

While traditional on-pack labels are limited by space, affecting their ability to engage with shoppers, Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form® booklet labels vastly increase the area used for communication and provide unlimited potential for cost savings and waste reduction. The increased brand awareness achieved through a product’s enhanced graphics entices shoppers while also providing opportunities for telling a social story. 

About Pyrotec

Pyrotec is a privately-owned South African company that specialises in providing innovative, top-quality product identification solutions. The company’s extensive service offering includes on-pack product identification solutions – including self-adhesive label systems, coding and labelling equipment – as well as financing, and cloud-based brand protection, track and trace and consumer engagement services. Founded on a dedication to quality, operational reliability and excellent service, the Cape Town-based company has a national footprint with centres in major cities across the country. With more than 50 years’ experience, Pyrotec has two brands operating under its ambit: Pyrotec PackMedia, which includes Pyrotec PackVerifi; and Pyrotec PackMark, including Pyrotec Finance. This proudly independent company is headed up by managing director, Rowan Beattie. For more information, visit

1 Mar 2021 12:56