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Simple, effective and secure pharmaceutical labelling

Protecting against counterfeiting and warning of tampering or incorrect storage is essential for pharmaceutical products. Add to this increased legislation and consumer demand for information and pharmaceutical manufacturers have many packaging challenges to contend with.
Simple, effective and secure pharmaceutical labelling

Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels from Pyrotec PackMedia have four major benefits for pharmaceutical packaging:

  • With informational booklet labels, there are fewer packaging components. This not only satisfies legislation but also simplifies logistics and reduces costs.
  • Booklet labels decrease inventory and improve security because there are fewer components to store, handle, and check.
  • Packaging lines can be simplified by, for example, doing away with expensive cartoning equipment that can slow production, and having to insert leaflets by hand, or having to match several packaging elements, such as leaflet, label, and carton together on the packing line.
  • Multilingual labels avoid having to produce separate packaging for each language version.

    Automatic application

  • Booklet labels are supplied on-reel for automatic application.
  • Standard labelling equipment is used.
  • Applicators can be easily installed for temporary use.
  • Changes to existing production lines when applying booklet labels are usually unnecessary, or at worst minor.

    Increased security

  • Fix-a-Form® booklet labels adhere directly to, and remain with, the product, which means important user instructions are safe and secure.
  • Dual barcodes can be added to the Fix-a-Form® label to ensure the correct booklet-to-label match.
  • Security features can be incorporated into the Fix-a-Form® label to deter counterfeiting.
  • Tactile warning triangles and braille can be added as options to alert the visually impaired when handling a potentially dangerous product.

    Added value

  • Instructions and other added-value information can be incorporated into Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels.
  • Extra pages provide space to promote other related products or to provide more information for consumers.
  • Give-away items such as sachets, or fridge magnets and stickers can be incorporated into the label.

    To find out more about the benefits of Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging, visit

  • 3 Feb 2021 11:42