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Increased product visibility at retail

While all five senses play a role in the purchasing process, sight remains the most significant.
Increased product visibility at retail
For brand owners looking to increase in-store sales, enhancing product visibility is key. Products that are well-packaged and visible on retail shelves have a better chance of being purchased. A quick, easy and cost-effective way to ensure products are visible is by using Hang Tabs and Display Strips from the Do-It® Corporation, locally represented by Pyrotec PackMedia.

Hang Tabs

Do-It® Hang Tabs increase product visibility by presenting products vertically in a forward-facing position using a self-adhesive hanger to increase consumers’ brand awareness and maximise merchandising display options. In this way, products can also be cross-merchandised or displayed in several different locations within the store. Another benefit is that by putting products where consumers can see them, impulse purchases and overall sales increase.

Variations include:
  • Round hole hang tabs, which are ideal for lightweight items that are hung on one peg.
  • Slot hang tabs, which are great for single or double wire pegs. They come in delta and euro shaped holes to ensure that products centre themselves for easy loading.
  • Hook hang tabs are perfect for products that come in different colours or sizes because customers can easily move around the product and see all the available varieties.

Display strips

Display strips are often used as a tool for increasing sales through cross merchandising – putting retail products in the vicinity of related products to provide customers with convenience and to also increase sales.

Printed display strips: These strips go beyond simply holding up merchandise and saving space – they also help to increase brand identity and attract customers who are already familiar with the brand.

Display strip headers: Having a brand logo printed on a display strip goes a long way to setting a product apart from others hanging from retail display strips in store.

Adhesive display strips: If a product isn’t too heavy, an adhesive display strip makes it possible to position brands where you may not normally find them.

Custom display strips: These display strips are ideal for oddly shaped or bulky products.

Merchandising display strips: Merchandising display strips are used to hang merchandise and products that are designed to be safely and securely hung on a hook.


Do-It® FlexiTab Hang Tabs are distinguished by a thicker hang hole area and thinner adhesive area. They are designed to hang onto both single and double-wire peg hooks, and are ideal for packaging that includes curved, uneven or distinctively shaped packages such as sweets, gum, consumer electronics and tubes.

A great feature of this hang tab is that it is clear so that it does not interfere with your brand or product messaging. Also, the tab folds down during shipping and folds back up when you need to hang it.

About Pyrotec

Pyrotec is a privately-owned South African company that specialises in providing innovative, top-quality product identification solutions. The company’s extensive service offering includes on-pack product identification solutions – including self-adhesive label systems, coding and labelling equipment – as well as financing and cloud-based brand protection, track and trace and consumer engagement services. Founded on a dedication to quality, operational reliability and excellent service, the Cape Town-based company has a national footprint with centres in major cities across the country. With more than 50 years’ experience, Pyrotec has two brands operating under its ambit: Pyrotec PackMedia, which includes Pyrotec PackVerifi; and Pyrotec PackMark, including Pyrotec Finance. This proudly independent company is headed up by managing director, Rowan Beattie.

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9 Nov 2020 09:10