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Why packaging coding matters

Coding and marking includes barcodes, serialisation codes, and expiry or 'best by' dates. Their purpose is to keep manufacturers, retailers and consumers informed about a product, its origin, authenticity and shelf-life.
There are three main reasons why this is important:

To meet traceability requirements

By printing barcodes and serialisation codes on every product manufactured, as well as on cartons used to transport these goods, product owners can trace products moving through the supply chain. This enables anyone involved in the supply chain to identify individual lots, shipments and packages, informing them of a product’s source and where it is destined. This also allows brand owners to efficiently recall products if needed.

To deliver assurance on product authenticity

In the pharmaceutical industry where counterfeiting is a major problem, brand owners use marking and coding to prove the authenticity of their products. This makes it possible for retailers, consumers and everyone involved in the supply chain to immediately trace a product back to its point of origin. This way it can be tested for its legitimacy, safety in transit, sale or usage.

To provide information about product freshness

Consumers check the expiry, ‘best-by’ and ‘use-by’ dates on products to ensure these are safe and fresh to consume. These markings help consumers to derive maximum value from their basket of goods, as well as to reduce food waste.

Markem-Imaje’s small character inkjet 9029

For simple coding that saves time, Markem-Imaje’s small character inkjet 9029 inkjet printer, available locally from Pyrotec PackMark, is easy to install, use and maintain.

Designed for low to medium duty applications, the 9029 allows manufacturers to cost effectively print products.

Key benefits include its M6’ ink module that provides quality coding for more than 8,000 hours* and can be changed in less than six minutes. It requires no maintenance, and its automatic cleaning system ensures clean and easy start-ups even after long storage periods.

*Recommended preventive maintenance procedure: 8,000 hours.

For more information about Markem-Imaje’s small character inkjet 9029, visit

10 Oct 2019 12:23