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The role of pharmaceutical labelling in anti-counterfeiting

It is estimated that the UK loses more than £6.4bn each year to counterfeit and black-market goods. This is a major problem that endangers the health and safety of consumers, damages brand reputation, and funds criminal activity.
The role of pharmaceutical labelling in anti-counterfeiting
Counterfeit medicines and fake packaging are widespread in the pharmaceutical sector.

According to an EU-funded report, tens of thousands of people in Africa die each year because of fake and counterfeit medication. Almost half the fake and low-quality medicines reported between 2013 and 2017 to the World Health Organisation (WHO) were found to be in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ongoing developments in labelling technology are playing a major role in keeping one step ahead of the counterfeiters. "We can incorporate some clever security features into our Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels, that include micro text that typically goes unnoticed by counterfeiters, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, cold foiling holograms and tamper-evident seals," says Jacques Loubser, Pyrotec PackMedia’s national sales manager.

For pharmaceutical products, labelling extends far beyond being purely functional. Packaging should not be an afterthought but rather an essential component of positive patient outcomes and part of a multilevel approach to defeating counterfeiters.

Fix-a-Form® booklet labels not only provide the space for the vast amount of mandatory information required on pharmaceutical packaging, they’re also ideal for carrying on-pack anti-counterfeiting devices because the label remains with the product throughout the entire value chain – from manufacture to consumers’ medicine cabinets.

"Pyrotec is an ISO9001-accredited organisation and is audited regularly by our pharmaceutical customers for compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices. Additionally, strict access control is maintained to ensure that finished Fix-a-Form® booklet labels are safe from theft, and we have documented pharmaceutical printed waste disposal procedures to provide our customers with peace of mind."

Affixing to almost any package surface, Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels offer an innovative and space-efficient way of communicating detailed product information and including legislated information and anti-counterfeiting devices without compromising shelf appeal. They are available in a virtually unlimited range of shapes and sizes that can be tailored to meet packaging requirements.

Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form® booklet labels ensure protection throughout the value chain.

29 Jul 2019 14:10