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Real-time code verification for more applications

The expansion of Markem-Imaje's 'Mark & Read' camera and software system lets manufacturers tailor the level of code verification that best suits their application needs and budgets. As products go down production lines, users can now choose to simply check the code's presence on packs or also include readability and data accuracy.
Real-time code verification for more applications

Confirming that products are properly coded while on the production line − at the precise time they are printed – CoLOS® Mark & Read minimises scrapped production and factory rework while preventing recalls. However, the level and type of verification required varies greatly. To better address this array of needs, Markem-Imaje, represented in South Africa by Pyrotec PackMark, has integrated three additional cameras within its ‘Mark & Read’ code verification portfolio.

Cost-effective functionality: configurable cameras tailored for differing needs

The update to Markem-Imaje’s existing solution of four camera options is suitable for the most demanding applications: full Optical Character Recognition (OCR) data verification where codes are printed at high speeds on curved surfaces and/or with complex backgrounds. This recent launch builds on CoLOS Mark & Read’s existing capabilities to handle even faster production lines. But, recognising that not all companies require such a sophisticated solution, the range has been expanded.

An entry-level camera now exists for manufacturers who are looking to more accurately set up and automate coding jobs while simply confirming code presence on products.

Two mid-range cameras have been added for basic OCR data verification of codes printed on flat surfaces with white or light-coloured backgrounds at medium to high speeds, depending on the printer. Continual, on-line barcode quality scoring can also be provided. Rather than waiting for periodic lab grading assessments to identify problems retrospectively, manufacturers can be alerted to potential barcode print quality deviations in real-time so they can take corrective action before many products have been coded at sub-standard levels.  

Evolving a proven system and partnership

Mark & Read is one of eight modules available within the time-tested CoLOS information management system that has over 17,000 installations worldwide. CoLOS integrates product data, line control systems, printers and code-checking equipment to ensure product coding is efficient, accurate and compliant thanks to centralised data management and automation.

The new line extension represents the first of the outputs from the joint engineering and commercial initiative announced in May 2018 by Markem-Imaje and Cognex – respective leaders in the coding and vision system sectors.

‘As with the release of CoLOS 6.0 in June 2018, this launch is the latest proof of our long-standing commitment to improving coding performance for all of our customers − big and small,’ says Mark Hathaway, Software Product Manager, Markem-Imaje. ‘It also further reinforces our market-leading position as the one-stop-shop for ensuring code compliance and verification.’

24 Jun 2019 12:18