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Code with Confidence

Markem-Imaje, a global leader in marking and printing solutions, has introduced Code with Confidence, a simple, tailored, comprehensive range of services solutions for customers worldwide. This new approach to services helps customers to increase reliability, efficiency, and profitability by ensuring production output, maximising life cycle performance, and providing cost predictability.
Code with Confidence
For greater simplicity and faster response, Markem-Imaje’s redesigned global service offerings include project management, start-up, operator training, software support, preventive maintenance support, process optimisation, and service consultation for all technologies throughout their life cycle. These services are provided by Markem-Imaje’s extensive network, which includes southern Africa’s distribution partner, Pyrotec PackMark.

Elena Gonzalez, services product marketing manager at Markem-Imaje, says that Code with Confidence℠ assists customers, no matter their size, to achieve business improvements that are sustainable. "Our new offering addresses our customers’ biggest challenges and expands their production possibilities. For us, a complete, effective coding solution integrates technology with the support required to keep it running at peak efficiency."

In today’s competitive business environment, staying ahead of the game is, in fact, the name of the game. Ensuring its coding and marking equipment’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) – the availability, performance rate and quality versus reject rate – Pyrotec PackMark’s customers in South Africa are well catered for with full backup and maintenance support available around the clock. "We operate a well-established 24-hour call centre that’s manned by our technicians," explains Brandon Pearce, Pyrotec PackMark’s general manager. "In the event of a breakdown, customers speak directly to a technician who, in most cases, can resolve the problem over the phone at no cost to the customer," he adds.

"All our equipment comes with a 12-month warranty, and some with 18-month service intervals. Additionally, Pyrotec PackMark also offers a rental service where customers can rent a unit and return the coding machine at the end of the contract. We also provide a financing option in the form of a rent-to-own agreement. Customers pay a set monthly fee, depending on the rental period, which includes a maintenance contract. At the end of the rental period customers have a choice of paying an additional fee to own the printer or trading it in for a new unit," Pearce explains. Straightforward trade-in options, where customers simply trade in old printers for new units, are also a popular choice. Values depend on the condition and age of the equipment.

For Pyrotec PackMark customers, every effort is made to ensure that coding equipment runs optimally, that maintenance is fast and efficient, and that downtime is minimised.

"We view customer service as an essential business strategy. Our accessibility through our toll-free technical support helpline (0800 202 574), which is available 24/7/365 for all technical queries relating to our machines, is just one of the services that sets us apart from our competitors," Pearce insists.

14 Jun 2017 10:41