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Getting the message across

Increased legislation and consumer demand for product information presents many packaging problems for the information-driven pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors. However, Pyrotec PackMedia's informational Fix-a-Form® booklet label increases the space, many times over, usually available for mandatory text such as dosage instructions, contra-indications and product descriptions, often in multiple languages.
Getting the message across
And, when it comes to product marketing and promotional information, Pyrotec PackMedia’s promotional Fix-a-Form® booklet label yields phenomenal results for on-pack promotions and doing what most communication mediums cannot – driving purchases in store.

"With a formidable array of multi-dimensional label options available from Pyrotec PackMedia, marketers with distinctive requirements across all industry sectors can choose from an arsenal of on-pack solutions," says Pyrotec PackMedia’s national sales manager, Jacques Loubser.

Here are some examples of the different types of labels that support varying industry needs:

Getting the message across
Booklet labels – These are simple to open, easy to unfold or flick through, and provide an unrestricted amount of extra label real estate. They are widely used across varying industries where extensive instructions or detailed legal information is required to be kept with the product. "Companies from the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors use these labels extensively, and there’s increasing demand for them from many other sectors, including cosmetics. Another benefit is that they offer the space to include usage guidance or legal clauses in numerous languages," notes Loubser.

Resealable laminated booklet labels – These versatile booklet labels are used across many different markets, including for agrochemical products where manufacturers often need to display safety guidance, contents, and other legally required information.

Peel and reveal labels – These labels lend themselves to on-pack promotions – often used by supermarkets and the food and drinks sector – where information such as a unique competition SMS entry code or tear-off coupon is concealed, Loubser adds.

Getting the message across
Concertina leaflet labels – These can be opened, extended, and then reclosed as required if resealability is incorporated. "They offer a striking and cost-effective way to impart information and instructions, and can accommodate words and images. Because these labels are suitable for virtually any size and shape of product or container, they are widely used across many industries. One example is in the food and drink sector where manufacturers want to provide nutritional details, recipes and other information."

Wet peel labels – These labels are designed to peel and reseal, enabling product details to stay with the container and be repeatedly accessed. This means they are suitable for products where users may have to frequently refer to usage instructions or safety advice. "Importantly, these labels are water and chemical resistant, and don’t tear because they are laminated, so lend themselves to industries where liquid might run down the packaging. It’s for this reason that we have seen them used extensively by customers in the personal care sector," Loubser concludes.

Pyrotec PackMedia offers a complete concept-to-application service of cost-effective, practical and innovative labelling solutions that will enhance the visual appeal of goods in the retail environment, and meet the legislative communication requirements of products in the agrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

9 Jun 2017 10:38