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Tips for successful hang tab performance

Do-It® Hang Tabs have been designed to hang products on peg hooks and display strips - anywhere that consumers can see them. Unfortunately, sometimes, a hang tab fails to hold the product in place.
Tips for successful hang tab performance
Here are a few tips to ensure maximum performance of your hang tabs:
  • Ensure that the surface of your product is even and flat. An uneven surface can cause a reduced percentage of the adhesive to be in contact with the surface and increases the chances of the product falling off the hang tab.

  • The optimal performance temperature range for the application and display of hang tabs is between 15°C-32°C. When hang tabs are applied and displayed outside of this temperature range the adhesive will not have maximum bonding strength.

  • Generally, the back side of the product/package is the best location for attaching the hang tab to a package.

  • Do not touch the adhesive of the hang tab as dust or particles on your fingers could affect the adhesive's stickiness.
For more information on how to ensure optimal performance of your hang tabs, contact Pyrotec PackMedia today!

12 May 2017 10:57