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A master storyteller

From luxurious and extravagant or playful and colourful to plain and simple, a wine label's job is to catch the eye of the consumer and tell a story.
Whether purchasing a new bottle of wine by grape variety or price, the first thing consumers will notice is the label – primarily employed to showcase the heritage of the winemaker, as well as the wine within. This means that when a bottle is opened, consumers can expect to quaff precisely what the label conveys.

A master storyteller
While winemakers make good use of their front labels, often with eye-catching designs that stand out on shelf, the bottle’s back label traditionally only communicates the finer details about the wine, its origin and alcohol content.

However, in 2008, Pyrotec PackMedia, a division of Pyrotec, stretched the concept of this back label with its removable eight-page Fix-a-Form® booklet label that allows wine estates to extend back-of-bottle labels to work more effectively as promotional tools.

The brainchild of Pyrotec’s MD, Rowan Beattie, the idea blossomed when he realised how many producers generate additional revenue from their restaurants, conference venues or accommodation. "Wine estates are the pride of the Western Cape and this label is produced to enable bottles to be used as marketing and distribution vehicles," Beattie points out.

Pyrotec PackMedia’s standard Fix-a-Form® booklet label is used to create the removable ‘Story Behind Our Wine’, an eight-page booklet on a bottle that is manufactured inline in one process using a base label, paper booklet, and an outer cover that is over-laminated with clear polypropylene.

"It’s a technical product to manufacture, but the beauty of this label is that it doesn’t affect application to the bottle," says Jacques Loubser, Pyrotec PackMedia’s national sales manager. "The added benefit of this promotional device is that it doesn’t compromise the bottle’s aesthetic while adding additional information."

Loubser adds that the potential is limitless. "Wine producers can provide consumers with information about food pairing and recipes, the history of the estate, the cellar and their vineyards, their restaurant, facilities and accommodation, and their people and location, for example. The elegant, classy Story Behind Our Wine label means that the wine estate’s additional services can piggyback on the label and guarantee reach to consumers," Loubser maintains.

This label adds value for consumers who are interested in knowing more about the estate and its wine they purchase. "According to research conducted by Fix-a-Form® International, 60% of purchasing decisions are made in store. An on-pack device ensures products stand out in the minds of consumers in cluttered retail environments and is a guaranteed way to increase sales," Loubser concludes.

11 Apr 2017 12:16