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Facing your product in the eye of consumers

The face of your product is the advert for your product (or brand) as it provides product information to consumers.
It is essential to have your products facing forward and in the eye-zone of consumers so that your product is seen and your message read by consumers. If your product is lying flat on retail shelves, your message will get lost.

With the use of Do-It® Hang Tabs and Display Strips, you’re able to hang your product on retail displays which will ensure your product gets seen and your messages read.

Pyrotec PackMedia, distributor of Do-It Hang tabs and Display strips, will assist you in getting your products seen by consumers. Contact us today on 021 787 9600 or az.oc.cetoryp@ti-od to find out how!

Facing your product in the eye of consumers

14 Dec 2016 11:29