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Why service level agreements matter

In the packaging and manufacturing sectors, procuring equipment is often the first step in the relationship between customers and suppliers. However, after-sales support and rapid response to breakdowns or technical challenges is what will most likely bind relationships and create long-term trust and loyalty.
Why service level agreements matter
In a business-to-business environment, properly defined relationships are the best guarantee for smooth and effective workflow. To achieve this, service level agreements (SLAs) are the perfect way to guarantee a harmonious relationship between customers and service providers.

SLAs clearly define the services that customers can expect from providers and outline what their responsibilities are. This ensures protection for both parties and promotes beneficial long-term relationships.

SLAs are standard to Pyrotec PackMark’s operational activities. They define its service levels, as well as how service is monitored, evaluated and measured. "Our SLAs consider what constitutes sustainable service levels without compromising on quality and timescales while also providing for flexibility and unplanned problems," notes Pyrotec PackMark’s General Manager, Brandon Pearce.

"At Pyrotec PackMark, we view customer service as an essential business strategy and, this year, we’re proud to be celebrating 50 years of technical expertise and service excellence. Our accessibility through our toll-free technical support helpline (0800 202 574), which is available 24/7/365 for all technical queries relating to our machines, is just one of the services that sets us apart from our competitors," Pearce insists.

In addition to how service levels are monitored, evaluated and measured, Pyrotec PackMark’s SLAs detail the main services covered by the agreement, when services are available, and costs involved. "We also determine the condition of equipment, if not new, and apply the highest quality standards and legal regulations. Customers’ responsibilities are also defined and conflict resolution or complaint processes are set out."

Should anything happen to equipment, a well-structured SLA offers customers peace of mind that effective support is easily and readily available. "Having an SLA in place reduces the number of breakdowns experienced on equipment, which reduces downtime and waste. Because regular service visits are scheduled, wearing parts are identified and replaced before they fail, meaning that equipment lasts longer and performs optimally at all times," explains Pearce.

Pyrotec PackMark has exclusive distribution rights in southern Africa for numerous world-class labelling, coding and print and apply labelling equipment from Markem-Imaje, A.L.Tech and Harland Machine Systems, among others. "Our technicians continue to fine-tune their knowledge about the machines we supply, and receive regular installation, service and repair training from our principals," Pearce points out.

16 Nov 2016 10:17