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How to get noticed by impulse buyers

The packaging of a product is a representation of a brand that should be attractive to impulse buyers, i.e. those buyers who purchase "on a whim". Having an effective packaging design plays a vital role as impulse buyers usually make purchasing decisions based on emotions.
How to get noticed by impulse buyers
A really good packaging design is great but is completely wasted if the product is not seen. Pyrotec PackMedia offers Do-It® Hang Tabs which is a simple solution that ensures products are noticed by consumers and are placed in the ‘eye-zone’ area.”

Do-It® Hang Tabs are self-adhesive plastic hangers that stick onto almost all products’ packaging, turning them into peg-ready products. The hang tabs are easily hung onto pegs in a retail store and are guaranteed to catch the eye of an impulse buyer more effectively than a stack of products lying on a shelf might.

On-shelf displays are a great way to influence unplanned purchasing decisions by consumers. Do-It® Hang Tabs not only guarantee products are visible but also ensure they are easily accessible to consumers.

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19 Oct 2016 10:20