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Finding the right hang tab for your merchandising display

The most prominent reasons that retailers and brand managers opt for hang tabs to display their products are:
  • increased cross-selling of products,
  • increased brand awareness,
  • increased sales through impulse purchases,
  • reduced packaging cost, and
  • reduced shelf space.
Finding the right hang tab for your merchandising display

Pyrotec PackMedia, distributor of Do-It Hang Tabs and Display Strips, offers a variety of hang tabs and a display strip option that are sure to meet all of your retail merchandising needs.
  • Slot hang tabs - great for single or double wire pegs. They come in delta and euro shaped holes for easy stocking.
  • Hook hang tabs - perfect for products that come in different colours or sizes so that customers can easily move products around on the peg and see all of the varieties available.
  • Round hole hang tabs - ideal for lightweight items.
  • Reinforcer hang tabs - offer great support for packaging that is prone to tearing or breaking.
  • FlexiTab hang tabs - have a thick hole and a thin adhesive area which makes these ideal for curved, uneven or uniquely shaped packages.
  • Display Strips - reduce the need for extra shelf space by being able to display products vertically in aisles. These allow for cross-merchandising.
Pyrotec PackMedia is the proud South African distributor of hang tabs and display strips from Do-It Corporation that has been in the retail display industry since 1973 and one of the largest hang tab manufacturers in the world. If you are looking for ways to cut costs and increase sales, contact us today on 021 787 9600 or az.oc.cetoryp@ti-od.

23 Aug 2016 13:14