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Keep your products hanging for longer with Do-It's HangTite adhesive

Do-It Corporation prides itself in its determination to always design and manufacture the best retail merchandising solutions. Through this determination they have become one of the world's largest hang tab manufacturers.
Keep your products hanging for longer with Do-It's HangTite adhesive
One way Do-It Corporation has remained a top contender in the hang tab market is the use of HangTite™ adhesives on its hang tabs. These adhesives are not simple label adhesives but high-performance adhesives which have been designed for specific packaging.

HangTite™ adhesives come in different grades, each designed for varying environments and hang tab styles.

For example, the HangTite™ 203D is a high-tack, cool-temperature adhesive, which is recommended for hanging products in refrigerated environments with a temperature range of 2° Celsius and 26° Celsius. Then there is HangTite™ 203M which is the adhesive used for “flexi” style hang tabs recommended for curved and uneven product surfaces.

In most cases, HangTite™ adhesives hold the weight of a product in retail stores until the product is sold.

Contact us today on 021 787 9600 or az.oc.cetoryp@ti-od to find out more about our range of hang tabs and display strips and how you can keep your products hanging for longer.

Pyrotec PackMedia is the sole distributor in South Africa of Do-It Corporation’s hang tabs and display strips so you will rest assured that your products will not be laying flat on the floor in retail stores.

1 Aug 2016 11:36