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Do-It merchandising solutions - Making your product visible

Do-It® Hang Tabs, offered by Pyrotec PackMedia, are plastic, self-adhesive merchandise display hangers that can turn almost any packaging into a peg-ready product. That means that your product, depending on its weight, can be hung up anywhere in a retail environment. Hang tabs and display strips offer many ways to help your brand increase sales as well as offering a pleasant, convenient experience for consumers.
Impulse sales are huge

Do-It merchandising solutions - Making your product visible
Impulse sales form a big part of retail sales. Many consumers may buy your product because they see it and take an instant liking to it, even though they may not have a need for it.

The key to impulse buying is having products at a place on shelves where they will be seen and bought. Do-It® Hang Tabs take your products that are lying flat on shelves and get them hanging where consumers can see them.

Senses play an important role in shopping

For many people, physically going into a store is a satisfying experience where all senses are used to purchase a product.

Besides touching a product to feel its quality or smelling different fragrances, sight becomes even more important. As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind,” - if your product is not seen, consumers won’t be aware of it and ultimately it won’t be bought.


Do-It merchandising solutions - Making your product visible
The location of your product will determine its success. The best place to locate your products will be in the eye-zone of consumers where it can be seen.

Retailers will often want to cross-merchandise by having complementary products located in one aisle. Do-It® Display Strips easily promote products by placing complementary products side by side.

Easy does it

Consumers appreciate being able to select and remove the products that they want off retail displays without having to fight with the display.

Do-It® Hook Hang Tabs, for example, allow products to be hung in such a way that allows the shopper to select any product off the display, whether it is hanging infront or way at the back.

With Do-It® Hang Tabs from Pyrotec PackMedia, you cannot go wrong! To find out more information on our Do-It® range of merchandising solutions, contact us today on 021 787 9600 or az.oc.cetoryp@ti-od.

22 Jun 2016 10:31