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Commoditisation versus innovation

While creating and capturing value from existing business is a real challenge, it's also important for the growth of a brand or company. Without profitability from current business activities you cannot invest in innovation for future growth.
Commoditisation versus innovation
With commoditisation becoming ever-more commonplace and often seen as the panacea to business growth and streamlined operations, when you look at almost any industry you will see companies struggling to differentiate what they have to offer from everything else in the market.

However, for those prepared to rethink their approach, there is a way to avoid the commoditisation trap or, at the very least, differentiate their products on shelf.

Another shift in the business landscape in recent years is the changing role of the salesman. With a refreshing focus on selling value to customers, instead of just a product or service, there’s a rapid move away from transactional selling – something brand owners should be taking advantage of.

Building relationships and identifying niche markets is something that Pyrotec PackMedia, a specialist supplier of on-pack informational and promotional solutions, has mastered. Its sales personnel and technicians also appreciate the importance of expanding their industry-specific insights and developing a deep understanding of their customers’ distinctive requirements.

Providing information is particularly critical within the healthcare, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. Here, the prime benefit of the Fix-a-Form® booklet label is that it stays with the container throughout its life, whereas traditional package inserts tend to get discarded with the secondary packaging. Research also shows that multi-page self-adhesive booklet labels are far more likely to be read by patients than a loose leaflet.

Another benefit of Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form® booklet label is that it comfortably accommodates vast amounts of mandatory information – such as product contents, dosage and contraindications – in font sizes that are easy to read.

From a promotional perspective, Fix-a-Form® booklet labels offer huge potential where the effective presentation on retail shelves has a direct impact on whether or not the customer chooses one brand over another. Considering nearly three quarters of FMCG purchasing decisions are made in-store, the necessity for eye-catching packaging is paramount to prompt consumers into making unplanned purchases. Fix-a-Form® booklet labels from Pyrotec PackMedia also offer the added advantage of improving brand awareness and educating consumers about product features.

For brand owners rethinking their approach to taking their products to the next level by differentiating them on shelf, Fix-a-Form® booklet labels could help to create and capture value from existing business without having to completely reinvent the wheel.

17 May 2016 12:20