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Merchandising solutions

Do-It® hang tabs and merchandising display strips are plastic self-adhesive hangers that allow products to be displayed vertically and face-forward to increase your product's brand awareness and maximise your merchandising display options. This means that products can be cross-merchandised or displayed in several different locations within the same retail store.
Merchandising solutions
Pyrotec PackMedia offers a range of hang tabs and display strips that will put your product where customers will see it.

Round hole hang tabs – Round hole hang tabs are designed to hold lighter products on peg displays and are ideal for tissue packets, sachets and similar products.

Slot hang tabs - Slot hang tabs are characterised by delta - and euro-hole styles and are suitable for both double and single peg fixtures. They are ideal for hanging cold meats and DVD/CD packages, amongst others.

<>bFlexiTab hang tabs - FlexiTab hang tabs have a thicker hang hole area and a thinner adhesive area. They have the ability to adhere well to curved, uneven, or uniquely shaped packages such as hand lotion or lip balm.

Hook hang tabs – Hook hang tabs make selecting the exact product on a display peg quick and easy. Customers can back-shop by removing a product from any position on the display peg. These hang tabs work well when displaying more than one size or colour of the same product on the same peg fixture, such as pantyhose for example.

Reinforcer hang tabs - Reinforcer hang tabs can be applied before or after the blister card, folding carton or packet has been filled. It helps to keep your product hanging for longer. These hang tabs are also often used to repair damaged packaging in the store, thus increasing the likelihood of the product being sold.

Merchandising solutions
Display Strips - Our display strips are plastic strips with hooks that allow you to display products vertically where customers can see them. These display strips are ideal for cross-merchandising products and for displaying items where retail space is limited.

Contact us on 021 787 9600 or az.oc.cetoryp@ti-od for more information on our range of Do-it® hang tabs and display strips.

Visit us at Propak Africa on 15-18 March 2016 at the Nasrec Centre in Johannesburg, where we will be exhibiting our range of merchandising options in Hall 6, stand E18.

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